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I'll tell you. And for me, this comes from a very giving place...

I'm a firm believer in Pay It Forward. I recognize that you are looking for that one golden nugget, that one piece of advice, or maybe that one little push which will propel your business to the next level (or even many levels).

So I created this podcast in order to help you easily meet interesting people, established entrepreneurs, and gather all of those tools and tips into one interesting place. My goal is to help you scale, organize and find the explosive growth that you need to jump to the next level.

What is the One Big Tip?

Everyone has this one secret that no one tells. The one secret tactic, treasured app, or hard-learned process that is singularly responsible for allowing them to shine.

In the podcast, you will hear how action-takers who are in the trenches rise above and demonstrate excellence in their craft. Through our candid interview, we will talk about what these tactics are, and how they are used to gain more customers and live the life that they are meant to live.

An example can be any one or combination of:

  • The one thing that I do every day to be effective
  • That one app that I use to make incredible content
  • What process I use to land more clients

Please join me on this journey to learn more and rise above together.

June 5, 2020

E29 – Anthony Kirby / Author – The Expert Blueprint

Making an offer to a potential client isn’t just trying to sell them your service, it’s about presenting a unique solution to their problems at little to no risk to their time, money, or effort. While this is easier said than done, Anthony Kirby gives us five major elements to include in any sales offer.
June 2, 2020

E28 – Paul Moore / Owner @ Wellings Capital

There is a significant difference between investing and speculating. Many people who think they're investors are actually placing their money at risk unnecessarily by speculating. Real Estate guru Paul Moore explains how learning the difference is the secret to true wealth-building that lasts.
May 29, 2020

E27 – Greg Shepard / Managing Partner, BOSS Capital Partners

Possibly the most important aspect of building and selling a business is having a north star, a roadmap for your company to follow to its intended destination. Business guru Greg Shepard shares his wisdom for entrepreneurs looking to grow and eventually sell their companies.
May 26, 2020

E26 – Ralph Peterson / Management Development Specialist

Choosing the best candidate to fill a management position in your company is one of the most crucial and challenging things. Working with the right talent can put you and the employee on the path to success, while hiring the wrong person can unavoidably hurt your business. Don’t miss Ralph Peterson’s tips on how to master the art of filling leadership roles in this OBT newest episode.