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E105 – Dawn Apuan | Copywriter & Funnel Strategist

Dawn Apuan considers herself an “accidental entrepreneur.” She found her passion for copywriting after a few jobs working as an affiliate marketer and a VA tech for funnels. These days, she can help people make sales within 24 hours thanks to her copy, and she says she’s 10x-ed her income by zeroing in on a target audience. Now, she shares the importance of finding your business’s niche and creating the perfect elevator pitch to appeal to your ideal client. 

Creating Magnetic Messaging

Focusing on a niche target audience is an essential part of making the highest possible income. That’s why Dawn’s one big tip for honing in and making the most money is to create the perfect one-liner or elevator pitch. She says that a good elevator pitch is “the root and foundation of good copy.” Your elevator pitch should be a very clear message that you can give to anyone you talk to while networking that defines who you serve, how you serve them, and why they should choose you. Although this is a super simple concept, it can really change the game when it comes to finding the right clients and making the most money. You’d be surprised how long you can talk to someone before even realizing what they do– that’s the type of conversation you want to avoid when you’re pitching your own business. Dawn provides a simple elevator pitch template you can easily fill to fit your services: “I help ___ be/do/have ___.” Some examples she gives are “I help new moms have a healthy breastfeeding journey,” or “I help male CEOs with Nutrition and exercise.” A short introduction is beneficial not only because it tells someone exactly what you do so that they’ll know right away that you’re a good fit for what they’re looking for, but it also makes it easier for them to repeat later down the road in a networking situation, should they meet someone else that might be a good connection for you. 

Niching down

Dawn recognizes that many people have a fear of “niching down.” Maybe you’re scared that you’ll lose out on money if you aren’t reaching as wide of an audience as possible. But Dawn reminds us that “if you try to speak to everyone, it will be such a bland message that no one’s going to hear it.” The more people you’re trying to reach, the more watered down and less specific your message will be, and the less likely it is to resonate with your true ideal clients– or anyone at all. That’s why it’s so important to find your sweet spot. Here, Dawn says, is where you’ll get to seven figures. You have to be as appealing as possible to a specific group of people, and that’s where the best money is. One of the most important parts of niching down is really thinking about what’s going on in the mind of your target audience. This includes understanding the differences between how the male mind and the female mind work. For this reason, it might be helpful to consider gender when you’re imagining your ideal audience. An age range is also important for understanding your niche. You want to speak directly to the people you could benefit most, and knowing who that is will help you create the perfect sales message.

You can also follow her on Instagram at @dawnapuan.