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E114 – Julie Bee | Founder & President at BeeSmart Social Media

Julie Bee is the founder and president of Bee Smart Social Media, a company that handles social media marketing for small businesses that have a social impact mission. As someone who’s worked in the business for 12 years, Julie has spent a lot of time figuring out the best way to make use of your time when it comes to creating social media content, as well as how to effectively repurpose that content across different channels. That’s why her One Big Tip will teach you how to create more content than you ever thought you could create. 

It All Starts With A Video

Julie has an incredibly simple and effective process for creating social media content for your business and repurposing it across multiple mediums. “It all starts with a video,” she says. Recording videos may sound intimidating to many business owners, but it turns out it can be one of the best ways to invest your time when it comes to social media marketing. Julie doesn’t have a complicated setup for creating videos; she simply records on her cell phone, using a plug-in lav mic. Julie will generally take about a week to make a quarter’s worth of videos at once, and then those videos go on to be edited by her or her team. The end result is a whole load of content that can be used across multiple channels: one long video that’s sent out to Bee Smart’s email subscriber list a few weeks before it goes public on YouTube, and several shorter clips taken from that video.

These short clips are perfect for social media marketing across channels like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, and while the long one always goes on YouTube, it can also be great for Vimeo and LinkedIn. But the content doesn’t stop with these videos. Once they’re transcribed using a program like Temi, Rev, or even YouTube’s own transcription feature, the Bee Smart team turns them into a blog post– or even two blog posts, depending on the length. From there, the most important bits of the videos and blog posts can be turned into social media captions. These can be direct quotes, questions, or anything intriguing that could make a great, engaging post. Julie says you can typically get 7-10 social media posts from a single video. That means that, altogether, from the videos to the blog posts to these short captions, you can typically get 20-25 social media posts all from a single video you took just a handful of minutes to create. 

The Power of Effective Social Media

Great social media marketing can do wonders for your business, and, as Julie’s shown us, it doesn’t have to be a difficult or time-consuming process to create the content. So what are the concrete benefits of Julie’s process? For one, it keeps email subscribers engaged when they get these videos straight to their inboxes. Julie says that the most important metric to Bee Smart is the open and click-through rates on their emails. That’s because this is where the company gets the most leads and referrals from people already in their network who know what Bee Smart is all about. Even beyond that great inflow of leads and referrals, though, social media marketing in the form of videos and blog posts is great for SEO. Bee Smart has seen a dramatic increase in traffic to their website since implementing this process, they pick up followers nearly every time they post on Instagram, and Julie says she’ll sometimes get multiple calls a week from people who saw her video on Youtube. Overall, it’s a great way to generate business and increase visibility.

To learn more about Bee Smart,  you can visit the company’s website at www.beesmartsocialmedia.com, and you can also learn more about Julie herself and connect with her at www.thejuliebee.com