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E141 – Breaking it Down: How to Create Efficient Outlines | with Tim Sprinkle

Tim Sprinkle is the Founder and Chief Strategist of Layup Content, where he helps clients in financial services and FinTech create content that fosters a deeper connection with customers and investors. Now, Tim is here to share a tip that will help listeners create their own quality content in a consistent, efficient, and structured way.

Before he broke into the marketing world, Tim started out as a journalist, so he’s spent a lot of time perfecting and streamlining his writing methods. Today, he’s telling us all about one key component that has been especially helpful: Outlining!

In this episode, you’ll hear Tim’s tips for creating a great outline, and you’ll learn about how beneficial this process can be – no matter what sort of content you’re creating. Whether you write your own posts or hire someone else to do the job, it’s a habit you’ll want to pick up ASAP.

In this episode:

  • [1:35] Tim shares a little bit about his background – he started out as a journalist!
  • [3:37] Want to appeal to a wide range of customers? Tim says to get rid of jargon and present your content in a way that anyone can understand. 
  • [5:14] Tim’s One Big Tip is all about creating a great outline – whether it’s for HR, a hero’s journey, or anything else you can think of. 
  • [6:42] What makes an efficient outline? Tim says the key is to always break it down into an intro, middle, and conclusion.
  • [9:25] One of the biggest benefits of using an outline is that it can serve as a template for any writers you hire. This ensures that they maintain the style and quality of your content! 

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