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E15 – Lisa Marie Pepe is The Confidence Coach & Online Visibility Expert

Lisa Marie Pepe is devoted to building up entrepreneurs with confidence coaching and online visibility strategy, but her One Big Tip isn’t about finding your inner guru or SEO strategies. Lisa Marie’s OBT is about building your email list through Facebook Groups.

A few episodes ago Valerie Jennings and Johnna Londen talked about the importance of spending time to nurture and grow a Facebook group, but Lisa Marie takes her Facebook group a step further.


A member’s first introduction to your group will have a lot of impact on how they interact with the group later on. “I decided that I was going to welcome people into the group as I was organically promoting the group,” Lisa Marie said. “I would tag people, this is before Facebook automatically tagged people, and we still do it.” But her warm welcome isn’t just to say hello.


In the welcome post, new members are encouraged to download Lisa Marie’s free Rookie Coach Playbook. Members are then sent to Lisa Marie’s funnel where she can collect their email address, and in return, they are able to download the Playbook - but that’s not all.

It says, “Hey, thanks for downloading your guide. It's on its way to your inbox. By the way, while you're here, and while you're waiting, checkout the Business Basics Bootcamp where you can get a two week free trial. Offer good for only the next 24 hours.” And so they have an option right there. And it's not a huge commitment because it's very small, first of all, it's free for the first two weeks, and then even after it's like a $37 a month option.

This part of the funnel is called the upsell, and it’s a critical part of building a high converting funnel. And this particular funnel that Lisa Marie runs has an 80% conversion rate, which is, in her words, HOT 🔥.

Follow Up

In the offer phase of her process, Lisa Marie was able to collect email addresses from all of her Facebook group members and other guests who entered her funnel via Facebook ads, so what can you do with an email list?

Well, now that she has an audience, Lisa Marie can run different campaigns and promotions through new funnels to everyone on her contact list. And by using special segments on her email list, she can target people based on what campaign they entered her list through, if they’ve purchased membership to her exclusive training group, or target specific opt-ins. This ensures that she’s always sending relevant content to the right audience, increasing her chances of upselling.

If you are interested in learning more about what Lisa Marie does, or if you’d like to join her free Facebook group, you can check her out on Facebook, LinkedIn, or by Googling her - as a visibility coach, her goal is to be as visible as possible, so you can connect wherever you feel comfortable!