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E156 – Build, Automate, and Delegate: Hiring Expert So You Can Work Less and Make More | with Tyler Sullivan

Tyler Sullivan is the founder of BombTech Golf, an eCommerce store that has made over 20 million sales since 2012. He’s also the owner of an email agency called EcomGrowers, where he and his team help Shopify owners add six to seven figures by optimizing their email systems and ad campaigns. Tyler has found that his superpower as a business owner is to automate and delegate, and now he’s telling listeners how they can do the same.

When Tyler took six weeks off of work after having his second child, his business’s sales skyrocketed – that’s when he realized that stepping back, working less, and hiring experts to handle the important things was the best thing he could do to help his business grow. It may be the best thing for your business too!

In this episode, Tyler and I discuss the importance of automating and delegating. Tyler also shares tips for finding the most qualified experts to handle each area of your business so that you can have peace of mind knowing it’s in the best hands. It’s a conversation every overworked entrepreneur needs to hear!

In this episode:

  • [1:22] Tony gives us an overview of his entrepreneurial journey. 
  • [2:01] Tyler gives us a short version of his long journey to where he is today: owning two companies, working the least he’s ever worked, and making the most he’s ever made.
  • [7:00] We begin to break down Tyler’s One Big Tip, which is all about building, automating, and delegating.
  • [9:25] Tyler says it’s important to know enough about every part of your business in order to hire the right people to handle it.
  • [12:30] Tyler explains how he dealt with the frustration of the hiring process and how he learned to take a step back and feel comfortable putting the work in someone else’s hands.
  • [15:37] When it comes to managing risks and getting maximum results with minimum time, Tyler says working with an agency is a great way to go.

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