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E159 – Learn Before You Test: Knowing Your Audience to Strategize and Scale | with Jose Quiroz

Jose Quiroz knows digital marketing; he has nearly a decade of experience in the industry under his belt, and today he designs digital sales systems to provide maximum online sales with minimum efforts. Now, Jose’s sharing one huge tip with listeners to help you scale your business even more effectively.

There are many popular scaling frameworks that incorporate three main phases. Whether you know it as the “crawl, walk, run,” or the “test, learn, scale” approach, Jose says all of these processes are failing to list one key step: a learning phase that comes before you begin testing, not just after!

Jose says in order to scale as effectively as possible, you have to take time to learn about your audience–as well as your own brand, service, mission, and more before you begin testing any strategy. In this episode, you’ll hear exactly why this additional learning phase is so important and how to implement it into your own framework. Jose walks listeners through the entire process, from that first learning phase to the moment you’ll finally scale. You’ll hear step-by-step, actionable tips you won’t want to miss!

In this episode:

  • [2:13] Jose introduces himself and gives us a look at his background – he says that while he is an entrepreneur and business owner, he is an immigrant first. 
  • [4:01] Jose gives us an idea of the work he does in the digital marketing world. 
  • [5:50] We begin to break down Jose’s big tip, which is all about learning about your brand and your audience to create a strategy, testing that strategy, learning more, and, finally, scaling.
  • [8:50] Jose shares research strategy tips for understanding your audience. 
  • [12:20] So how do you go about testing your strategy once you get through the first learning phase? Jose discusses his tips.
  • [15:50] The final step of this process is scaling. Jose introduces some of his favorite ways to scale. 
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