E162 - Mastering Digital Strategy: How to Get the Most Out of Social Media | Luke Shankula - Jeff Mendelson | Automation Superhero

E162 – Mastering Digital Strategy: How to Get the Most Out of Social Media | Luke Shankula

Luke Shankula is the CEO and Leading Mortgage Marketing Expert at Paragon Digital Marketing, where he and his team help clients systemize their work and go beyond lead generation. While Luke works in the specific niche of mortgage lending, he has a wide range of knowledge about digital marketing that can apply to any industry – and luckily for listeners, he’s sharing some of that knowledge today!

Don’t bite off more than you can chew! Despite what big names may be suggesting, Luke says that when you’re just getting started with building your business’s online presence, it’s best to master one or two social media platforms rather than taking them all on at once. 

In this episode, you’ll not only learn about the importance of creating a digital strategy and focusing on the platforms that work best for you, but you’ll also hear all of Luke’s tips for posting content that will bring in your ideal customers. It’s all great information for anyone looking to grow a great online presence!

In this episode:

  • [2:12] Luke shares his story and tells us how he became a digital marketer for the mortgage lending industry.
  • [6:17] Luke explains the type of work he does at Paragon – while they don’t do custom builds for each client, they’ve been able to create a proven lead generation machine.
  • [11:19] Luke’s one big tip is all about creating a digital strategy. When it comes to getting started, he suggests mastering one or two platforms that work well for you. 
  • [17:21] How do you attract clients in a competitive market? Luke says you shouldn’t always sell on price, but rather focus on framing yourself as an expert and posting content that attracts like-minded people.

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