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E169 – Consistency is Key: The Power of a Good Journal | with Brian Lovegrove

Brian Lovegrove isn’t only a leadership developer and results coach; he’s also an Amazon bestselling author and a partner to some of the biggest names in the personal growth and leadership training industry. It’s safe to say Brian knows a thing or two about finding success in all areas of life – which is exactly what he’s here to talk about. In this episode, Brian shares one key to personal growth: a journal!

Maybe you’ve already heard a lot of buzz around journals, but Brian is here to share some great concrete tips for getting the most out of your personal journaling process – and he’ll also share his five steps to success along the way.

In this episode, Brian and I discuss not only how powerful of a tool a journal can be for personal growth and success, but also how to use your journaling process as a framework for real, actionable steps you can take in your daily life. If you’ve been putting off starting a journal or have doubts in the process, this episode is sure to give you the push you need! 

In this episode:

  • [1:14] Brian explains how he first became interested in personal development coaching and exactly what he does.
  • [5:38] Success isn’t just about reading the right books! Brian gives tips for actually getting started on your personal development. He says the most important thing is to take action.
  • [7:36] Brian breaks down his five steps to success: get clarity, get committed, take action, take accountability, and continue to master your skills.
  • [11:09] Brian’s One Big Tip is to journal your way to success! He explains the importance of journaling here.
  • [12:53] Brian says one of the most helpful parts of journaling is evaluating your experiences. He explains what this means and how it helps push you forward. 
  • [17:14] Why is writing things down such a powerful tool? Brian explains why getting things out of your head and on paper is such a helpful practice. 
  • [18:33] While a journal is a great tool, Brian reminds us that we need to back it up with actions. 

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