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E170 – Take More Time to Create: Teambuilding and Delegating to Get More Done | with Kris Ward

Kris Ward is the author of Win the Hour, Win the Day, as well as the founder of the framework behind it. She’s created a four-week productivity plan that helps overwhelmed entrepreneurs become more efficient and reclaim their lives by creating their W.I.N. – what is next – team. Now, she’s ready to share some of her productivity knowledge with One Big Tip listeners

Chances are you’re spending more time on web admin tasks than you should be; Kris said entrepreneurs should be spending 60% of their time creating, while only 40% of it should be going towards administrative tasks. That’s why she says one major key to success is to delegate those tasks to a great team!

In this episode, you’ll learn all about how to implement Kris’s 40/60 framework into your own business so that you can spend more time doing what entrepreneurship is really all about: creating! From super toolkits to incredible team members, Kris and I discuss all the necessary tools. 

In this episode:

  • [1:10] Kris gives us a look at how she got started working in team building and productivity.
  • [3:09] Kris says that while time management is a big part of productivity, many people don’t realize how important team building and delegation is. 
  • [5:10] Are you spending too much time on admin tasks? Kris says you should be spending only 40% of your time on web admin and 60% creating. 
  • [7:19] Wondering how you can implement Kris’s 40/60 formula? She explains what she calls a “super toolkit,” which is created to help compress procedures. 
  • [10:06] So, what are Kris’s tips for building a great team and delegating admin tasks efficiently? She shares her knowledge here. 
  • [12:33] Kris and I discuss how helpful it can be to delegate tasks – even the ones you think only you can do well! 

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