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E188 – Define Your Brand: How to Set Your Company Up for Success | with Bill Hughes

Bill Hughes has been a notable figure in the e-commerce industry since 2003. Working primarily in the healthcare and personal care categories, he has managed over $200 million in revenue from a variety of different brands throughout Europe and the United States. Bill is an SEO and advertising expert, overseeing teams that have identified several top-performing keywords on Amazon and Facebook, helping businesses attract new customers. 

Do you know what it takes to build a successful brand from a single product? Bill Hughes, VP of 

Marketplaces at Growve, discusses how he has helped numerous brands achieve widespread success through a combination of SEO, advertising tactics, and strategic planning from day one.

Entrepreneurs have to make a lot of tough decisions in order to stay both competitive and profitable. In this episode, business leaders will learn how to identify the best opportunities for pricing their products, expanding their brands, and entering new marketplaces. If you’re looking for expert advice, this is one lesson you won’t want to miss!

In this episode:

  • [1:20] Bill explains how he got started in the e-commerce marketplace and what kind of brands his agencies have invested in.
  • [3:28] No matter how successful a brand may be, they will eventually reach a point where they need a partner to continue growing. This is where Growve comes into the picture. 
  • [5:56] How do you decide on a price for your product? Find out more here!
  • [9:50] If you fantasize about seeing your items on the shelves of major retailers like Target or Costco, Bill describes how to take a product, expand it into a product line, and then create a brand.
  • [13:53] Nearly everyone who sells their first brand will take on their second brand from a completely different approach. Learn how to lay the “bricks” of a solid foundation to maximize your profits!

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