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E190 – Kindness Is Key: How Emotional Intelligence Changes Everything | with Amy Malin

Amy Malin, a social entrepreneur and the co-founder of Trueheart, has been interested in philanthropy and charity from a young age. When she was growing up, she raised funds for people facing homelessness in her town. Today, her search engine, Trueheart, uses 80% of the money it generates to fund nonprofits that work to save lives, feed the hungry, and clean up the planet. In this episode of the One Big Tip podcast, Amy shares how emotional intelligence can be a true superpower.

When you think of a successful business, kindness might not come to mind right away. In fact, kindness can often be seen as a sign of weakness in and out of the workplace. However, Amy Malin is proof that kindness requires genuine strength, and that emotionally intelligent entrepreneurs will reap the greatest success with their businesses.

In this episode, Amy recounts her experiences growing up around homeless individuals and how she felt compelled to do something to help. Her determination to help make the world a better place led her to do incredible things, including creating campaigns that generated millions of dollars for charitable organizations. You’ll be inspired by her experiences while discovering what you can do to improve your emotional intelligence and further improve the lives around you!

In this episode:

  • [1:31] Hear Amy talk about her early interest in helping others and how her compassion was a catalyst for her own success.
  • [5:42] Consumers are smarter than many companies make them out to be. Learn how being authentic and genuine is always at the core of a great marketing strategy.
  • [11:00] As an entrepreneur, burning bridges is one of the least productive things you can do. Amy explains how business leaders should strive to maintain positive relationships, even if someone else reacts with anger or rudeness.
  • [13:55] Here, Amy recounts a personal experience where she received an upsetting message and how her reaction positively impacted the other person.
  • [17:30] Amy explains how billions of people may want to contribute more to charities, but lack the financial security to do so. This was the inspiration for creating Trueheart, a search engine that donates the majority of its earnings to philanthropic organiza

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