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E194 – Niche Marketing: How to Create Content That Converts | with Chris Pistorius

Chris Pistorius didn’t intend to become a dental marketer at first, but his experience running a digital marketing agency showed him the value of specializing in a specific niche. He founded Kickstart Dental Marketing, published The Ultimate Guide To Internet Marketing For Dentists, and even hosts a podcast about the subject. In this episode of the podcast, Chris shares the importance of becoming an expert in your industry, his tips for writing excellent content for different platforms, and the best practices that all niche marketers can utilize in their own careers.

Digital marketing agencies often try to spread themselves too thin and try to write content for every type of client that comes in. However, this means that writers need to scramble to do enough research to write high-quality, accurate, and relevant content. Chris found that trying to generate content for so many types of businesses just led to frustration among writers and business owners. So, he chose to create a marketing agency that exclusively works with dentists and orthodontists.

In this episode, we’ll hear about Chris’ experiences in dental marketing and why he chose this industry in particular. Listen to the full episode to find out his top tips for niche marketers, as well as his secret to generating content in record time!

In this episode:

  • [1:31] Why did Chris decide to launch a marketing service aimed at dentists? Well, his business didn’t begin that way. Learn why he ended up serving such a niche audience here!
  • [4:26] Dentistry itself is a competitive industry, but not many dentists have the business acumen to market themselves on their own. This is where Kickstart Dental Marketing can help.
  • [9:13] Chris’ content writers utilize AI writing tools such as Jarvis in order to generate ideas, create short blurbs for paid ads, and build outlines for their pieces.
  • [13:47] AI writing services haven’t become advanced enough to replace human content writers…yet. Hear what Chris’ tips are to get the most value out of tools like Jarvis.
  • [16:07] Chris’ marketing advice isn’t just for dental professionals! No matter what type of marketer you are, you can benefit from listening to his podcast or taking his free strategy session.

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