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E199 – Monetizing with Masterminds: Scaling with High Ticket Programs | with Chris Williams

Chris Williams is an experienced business strategist and the founder of Elite Agency Mastermind, where he and his team help entrepreneurs create high ticket mastermind programs. Chris has spent over 20 years helping businesses grow, create stronger workplaces, and develop effective marketing strategies. In this episode, he’s sharing tips so listeners can do the same when they develop their own mastermind programs. 

At one point, Chris found himself overworked, burnt out, overwhelmed, and lacking the results he wanted. But once he unlocked the secret to scaling and monetizing with high ticket mastermind programs, his life was changed for the better. When you listen to our conversation, you’ll learn how you can reap the same benefits.

Chris not only shares his own story and journey but also gives tons of valuable, actionable tips for building your own mastermind program. We discuss the importance of having your own platform, the value of knowing your niche, and more. You won’t want to miss it.

In this episode:

  • [1:34] At Group Coach Nation, Chris helps clients develop mastermind programs. He starts by explaining exactly what that means and how he got started.
  • [6:50] Chris explains how he felt when he realized the key to monetizing his content and creating high ticket mastermind programs. 
  • [10:18] How can you get started by building your own mastermind program? Chris says the first step is to have your own platform. 
  • [13:41] Honing your ideal avatar and finding your niche is vital; Chris shares tips for doing this.
  • [16:19] We discuss the importance of knowing who you serve.

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