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E2 – Sarah Noked / Online Business Manager

Online Business Manager Sarah Noked gives us a lens into the changing online management landscape. When do you need a virtual assistant? What’s the difference between a task person and the big picture person? When should you consider hiring an online business manager? Why are systems so important?

Whether you are looking to expand your career as a remote professional, or streamline your business productivity, Sarah’s insight will build value for you. Sarah offers tools and methods, her go-to industry experts, and resources exclusive to One Big Tip listeners.

Sarah strongly advocates that any business with dreams of success needs to implement systems. While many entrepreneurial business owners have systems in their head, they will fail in the long term without clear documentation. Systems need to be clear and consistent. To address this issue, Sarah provides her clients a comprehensive SOP template, which she is offering to all One Big Tip listeners!

Sarah acknowledges that in a busy owner’s schedule, there’s not always a priority placed on sitting down to map systems. She suggests dedicating two clear hours a day on developing and documenting systems as a critical investment. She also recommends the use of Loom, a screencast software, to on-board staff and customers.

On the professional development side, Sarah devotes much of her time to helping people -- mostly women -- become successful OBMs themselves. Whether or not they choose to become certified, like she did, Sarah assists professionals to engage their transferable skills and acquired expertise and translate them into a powerful remote service.

So who’s on Sarah’s radar these days models to emulate? She says her heroes of the day are Amy Porterfield, Russell Brunson and Ryan Deiss. She praises their no-nonsense delivery and transparency.

If you are a professional who is interested in becoming a Certified Online Business Manager, you can visit OBMCertification.com or reach out to Sarah at SarahNoked.com to learn more about the field.