E207 - It’s the “Who,” Not the “How”: Hiring and Training for Success | with Brandon Cobb - Jeff Mendelson | Automation Superhero

E207 – It’s the “Who,” Not the “How”: Hiring and Training for Success | with Brandon Cobb

Brandon Cobb is the CEO of a real estate acquisition company called HBG Capital. He’s a trusted voice in the field and has spoken multiple times at the Realty for One Investor Expo, appeared on the cover of Rei Wealth Magazine, and has even written an article for Forbes. He and his team at HBG handle around 40 transactions a year, which involves a lot of moving parts – that’s why he knows all about the importance of hiring and training the right people to get it all done.  

Brandon says the key to solving problems in your business comes down to the “who,” rather than the “how.” That means you should focus on hiring great people to get the work done well.  

In this episode, Brandon and I discuss not only how important hiring and training an incredible team is, but also how to handle the process in the best way possible. From finding great candidates to creating top-notch onboarding materials for them, our conversation is filled with helpful tips for handling it all with ease.

In this episode:

  • [2:10] Brandon explains his background and gives us some insight into the type of work he does at HBG Capital. 
  • [7:18] Brandon says that getting things done is “about the who, not the how” – AKA, hiring the right people!
  • [11:17] Brandon shares success stories of his hiring process and emphasizes the importance of a detailed onboarding guide.
  • [15:06] Brandon explains that the right hiring sequence is all about fixing one problem at a time, starting with building systems and processes to make training easier. That includes training videos!
  • [19:10] How do people react to this type of system? Brandon says it made his whole team’s life easier!

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