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E217 – When a passion for people drives your business forward | with William Harris

William Harris, a founder of The Hustle Digital Marketing & Design firm, has been rockin’ the marketing scene since 2019. With an appreciation for people, their needs, and wants. Working with B2B and B2C facing companies on a worldwide scale across multiple industries, Will credits his business success to never passing up an opportunity for developing relationships. The importance of personal connections and expanding your network are his One Big Tip.

Marketing is how your business gets noticed. It’s how you draw people in and keep them coming back time and time again. To attract people, you need to understand their needs, wants, and motivations. To do that, you need to put yourself out there and make connections or have someone on your team do that for you. You need to be part of the sales cycle. 

In this episode will hear how William uses his podcast as a networking tool. Every guest is a potential client, but more than that, they are people who have lived and have a story to tell. By giving them a platform and generating conversations, connections are formed. Listeners can find comfort and camaraderie in hearing how top CEOs have gone through hardships in life and come out the other end. Often, people forget the struggle and story behind the success. They ignore the hustle and grind that went into establishing a successful outcome. 

William started as an entrepreneur after his career in the oil and gas industry dried up. He chose to take his skill set and some friends in the field and open his digital marketing firm; the rest is history. William saw the value in thinking outside the box and created his company by standing out from all the clutter and noise. He doesn’t fear being different. He embraces it. His creative approach is what brings the magic to his clients. 

Follow along as William shares his story on the importance of even the slightest interactions and how it can grow into your next high-value client.  In today’s podcast, you will hear how a layover at the airport turned into a networking opportunity and a potential client. That is why William’s One Big Tip is to always look for opportunities to expand your network.

In this episode:

  • [1:03] William delves into the circumstances that brought his digital marketing business to life and how he started The Hustle Marketing & Design.
  • [2:11] William explains the how and why he named his company The Hustle Marketing & Design and why it resonates. 
  • [4:48] Why networking, creating connections, and taking an interest in others is what drives a marketing campaign forward.  
  • [9:37] Explore how William uses his podcast as a networking tool. 
  • [12:16] The real-life stories of podcast guests are one of the best ways to make human connections and learn about people. 
  • [14:37] Look at the struggles behind the success to forge that emotional connection.

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