E226 - Conversion rate optimization that’s measurable is a surefire way to achieve desirable results | with AJ Davis - Jeff Mendelson | Automation Superhero

E226 – Conversion rate optimization that’s measurable is a surefire way to achieve desirable results | with AJ Davis

CEO and founder of Exerimentzone.com, AJ Davis, combined her two passions when she moved from UX researcher to search engine optimization expert. The importance of understanding your customers’ pain points is the only way to convert them into loyal consumers. That is the foundation on which experimentzone was built. AJ created a 3 step strategy for conversion optimization campaigns that give companies a deeper understanding of their audience and how to target them measurably. This method ensures your business sees an increase in conversions and ROI.

AJ began her career in product development as a UX researcher, where she had the opportunity to talk with customers daily over their pain points and how those pain points affected their daily lives. This path led her to become the lead researcher for Google Optimize. All the people she spoke with during that time asked the same questions. Find out if X change on a company website will increase conversions and ROI. That was AJ’s ‘ah-ha’ moment, and she started her own company, Exerimentzone, where she helps businesses realize more revenue by optimizing their website for user experience. 

In every industry, the most important aspect is customer base knowledge. That is where AJ’s expertise shines. She looks at every eCommerce business as a brick and mortar company, knowing that the facts and information that go into good CRM are not just website design and aesthetics. Just as important is where your business is located, how to talk about your business to attract your target customer, and ensuring your audience that you can alleviate their pain point. Experimentzone takes a comprehensive approach to CRM. 

The techniques used by Experimentzone are proven because everything they do, every strategy and decision implemented, is measurable. The company separates the problem and creates a hypothesized solution that is easily quantifiable. That way, they know if they need to pivot or remain on track with an increased impact on ROI.

The three pillars that AJ relies on to deliver a positive ROI for her customers are doing AB testing to experiment with different ways of delivering content.  To have a solid conversion strategy, you need to have a specific tool for testing. The second pillar is using analytic tools to know how the customer interacts with your website, what they click on, and how far they’re scrolling. The last pillar is a user research tool that allows you to understand how to interact with those using your site, so you can acquire feedback and make adjustments accordingly. By implementing this three-step strategy, AJ optimizes her clients’ websites, so they see an increase in conversions and an increased ROI. 

Listen to this episode of the One Big Tip podcast and hear why AJ Davis of Experimentzone.com knows the importance of using a comprehensive CRO approach.

In this episode:

  • [2:02] Hear how AJ started her company, Experimentzone.com. 
  • [7:40] The importance of having an AB test for your strategy.  
  • [12:02] The importance of simplicity and direct message on your website. 
  • [14:20] Why doing CRO from the top down is effective.

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