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E227 – Eating to fuel your body, not your emotions, is integral for optimal health | with Victoria Evans

Understanding the mind-body connection is the underpinning of intuitive eating, as explained by Victoria Evans, a successful intuitive eating coach. Victoria knows the importance of maintaining a healthy mindset to obtain healthy eating and exercise habits. By fueling your body with optimal nutrition, you give yourself the gift of energy to grow your career and relationships and reach your full potential. Victoria’s coaching program is unique because it takes a scientific approach to understand why we eat. By understanding what motivates our behaviors, we become empowered to change them for the better, allowing our confidence to grow through food freedom. 

Victoria Evans knows the pains of letting food and weight dictate the choices in our lives. Having fought demons of anorexia, food addiction, and bulimia, Victoria knew there had to be a better way for women to have a healthy relationship with food and love the skin they’re in. Victoria set off to study the science behind self-sabotaging behaviors. Having successfully healed her relationship with food and gaining the confidence of a positive mindset, she now wants to share those methods with other women.  A self-described digital nomad, who currently calls Portugal her home, Victoria works with women as an intuitive eating coach to educate them on the science of intuitive eating and food freedom. 

Many times we don’t realize that there are disordered eating habits. One way to take note is to pay attention to the comments a person makes about food or body image, whether it’s their own or projecting them onto another. Another thing to look for is eating habits. Are they running around with a venti Starbucks iced coffee only to eat all the foods later in the day? Are eating habits very rigid? These are all indicators of a negative relationship with food that needs to be healed. 

The concept of intuitive eating is understanding that sometimes we are eating to fill an emotional void and not necessarily fuel our body for health and energy. Understanding the scientific connection between emotions and food is the best way to heal a negative food relationship.  Emotions are merely messages from our bodies. Most people were not taught how to read those messages, so we avoid them. This denies us the ability to check in on what’s going on with our bodies.  For example, loneliness and boredom are two emotions that get misinterpreted, and we eat to satisfy that change of state our mind is seeking. Intuitive eating helps you learn how to process those emotions and thoughts so you don’t reach for food to satisfy them. 

One practice that Victoria has her clients implement is to check in with themselves during the day. Set silent alarms at different times to remind yourself to take a second and quickly audit your emotions. Register the emotions so you can process them and let them go. Another technique Victoria teaches her clients is box breathing. Inhaling, exhaling, and holding a breath for 4 seconds. This quiets the mind, so it can focus on the here and now and deal with the emotions that life is handing you at the moment. These two tools help regulate the nervous system and calm you down. A third technique Victoria encourages her clients to utilize is to label their emotions. This makes a person feel safe. Your brain views the emotion as familiar and proceeds to process and move through it. By employing these three techniques, you can overcome emotionally driven eating and start on the path to intuitive eating and a healthy relationship with food. 

Implementing these techniques regularly creates habits. That is the last step to the process. Join us today and listen to Victoria Evans, share the importance of understanding why we eat and how to create food freedom and live a confident, happy life. 

In this episode:

  • [2:10] Victoria talks about her disordered eating journey.
  • [4:20] How Victoria began her healing journey and began coaching.  
  • [8:27] Behaviors to help identify disordered eating.
  • [13:02] Victoria lays out the different techniques she uses as an intuitive eating coach. 
  • [18:00] The science behind emotions and the signals they send-off.

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