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E232 – Email newsletters are a great tool to increase customer engagement | with Jared Loftus

Jared Loftus began his career as a successful entrepreneur in the 5th grade. He understood the correlation between business growth and keeping your customers engaged with your brand. Forbes Magazine named Jared “College Football’s Biggest Entrepreneur” in 2011 when he was selling t-shirts in a brick and mortar store for LSU’s college football team. Jared also co-created the fastest-growing ACT prep company in the nation.  

A self-described serial entrepreneur, Jared Loftus, has grown businesses since he was 11 years old. His first well-known endeavor was selling personalized t-shirts when he attended LSU.

Today, Jared is the COO of Rasa.io, which works in the B2B space, helping businesses increase customer engagement using evergreen content and email newsletters with a personalized touch. However, Jared remains humble, stating that the only thing a serial entrepreneur has down pat is to file the LLC paperwork efficiently. All kidding aside, Jared’s concept has proven to be successful when trying to grow consumer engagement by using targeted ads that speak directly to your audience. 

The idea behind the company was created out of necessity. Having always used email to communicate with an audience, Jared realized the importance of staying present in consumers’ minds. Maybe each email that gets sent out is not measurable when it comes to ROI, but the purpose of the personalized email newsletter is not to increase ROI directly. Instead, the strategy that’s at play here is if you maintain a relationship with your relevant customer base consistently, then when the decision-making process occurs, your brand or company will be fresh in their minds and their most likely option. 

The groundwork for this strategy is based on creating meaningful relationships with your audience. Your brand or product will not always be the topic of your email because there are just so many product-specific emails a person can get in their inbox before automatically deleting them without ever opening them. The way to get around that is to understand your audience on a deeper level. For instance, if you want to sell life insurance, every email can’t be about life insurance. After the first five, your audience will be bored and just hit auto-delete. This means your company is not at the forefront of their minds when purchasing a policy six months later. Suppose you keep your audience engaged by writing content that interests them. Even if you are not closing a deal, you’re maintaining and fostering a client-brand relationship. 

The Rasa.io platform uses specific metrics to track what email content is being opened and read and what content is being deleted. This data allows you to understand better how to capture and target your audience so that your businesses will see higher click rates and increased open rates. This strategy is best suited for companies with long sales cycles or businesses with extended periods between sales since it allows the brand/business to stay relevant in the minds of their target audience while not necessarily closing a deal. To feel assured using this type of marketing strategy,  you need to see the value in creating long-term customer relationships.

Hear more about this marketing strategy on today’s episode with guest Jared Loftus. 

In this episode:

  • [1:46] Jared talks about his first entrepreneurial steps
    • Sometimes, your passion becomes your calling, and things fall into place naturally.
    • The hidden talents we exhibit at a young age may be something that serves you as an entrepreneurial adult. 
  • [3:28] Understanding that personalized email newsletters are not always created with the intent of seeing an immediate increase in ROI
    • Seasonal businesses need to maintain visibility with their consumers to maintain brand connection.  
    • Savvy marketers focus on keeping the customers’ attention on your brand, even if it won’t directly increase your immediate bottom line. 
  •  [9:50] When an email is talking directly to the recipient, they are more likely to be engaged
    • Creating a personal connection using email is a way to ensure consumer loyalty. 
    • Evergreen content is the best way to create long-lasting relationships with your audience.
  • [12:25] Using AI to sort through consumer habits to better target your audience
    • The better you know your audience, the easier it is to speak directly to them. 
    • The most successful marketing campaigns begin with a solid foundation of who they are trying to target. 

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