E234 - To stand out from the sea of clutter and noise, capture your audience's attention with brand storytelling ad campaigns | with Zack Slingsby - Jeff Mendelson | Automation Superhero

E234 – To stand out from the sea of clutter and noise, capture your audience’s attention with brand storytelling ad campaigns | with Zack Slingsby

Zack Slingsby is a writer, filmmaker, and the Founder of Human Factor Media, a branded storytelling team based in NYC and Nashville. The concept of Human Factor Media is based on creating stories and videos to captivate your audience and make your brand unique. This method of storytelling innovation creates a new platform for artists of all kinds. Join us today on the One Big Tip podcast as Zack shares the unique way branded storytelling content creates higher brand recall and awareness than any other form of modern marketing. It’s the only way to stay at the forefront of your audience’s attention.

Professional success is usually the biggest motivator, but sometimes it’s not enough. That’s what happened to Rusty Gaillard, who reached the pinnacle of his career as the Global Director of Finance at a Fortune 500 company. Yet, he

Zack Slingsby is the creator of Human Factor Media, a collective of writers, videographers, and artists who create a unique genre of digital ads. In today’s busy world and an era of on-demand streaming platforms, commercials are an antiquated method of connecting with your audience. Zack and his team are changing the way to capture your audience’s attention and form brand connections. This approach helps brands sell more than just the item they are peddling, they are selling an emotional connection, creating higher brand recall than with a standard commercial. Join us today to discuss why creating compelling brand videos is the best way to capture your audience’s attention. 

Using branded content advertising allows your message to stay consistent on different platforms. To create memorable branded content, you need to tap into the emotional connection between the product, its service, and your audience. No one is interested in 25 unique commercials about anti-lock breaks. But when you dig deep and realize that it lock breaks to give the driver a feeling of security, creating commercials based on the emotion of security, you create ads that will resonate with your audience on any platform.  

Statistically speaking, it’s difficult to measure the ROI of a creative story-branded commercial since an emotional connection is not always metric-driven. It’s hard to measure an emotional connection with a product. That is why many companies are hesitant to utilize this strategy of advertising. Those that dare to leap into these forward-thinking waters create evergreen relationships with their customer base. Creating customers that stick with their brand for a lifetime.  

There is a process to creating a campaign that resonates with your audience. You need to understand the brand, who their market is, and what they want to convey. That’s what Zack and his team call the human factor. Creating that human connection means you need to know something about someone you have never met. It is similar to a literary principle where a writer connects with the reader to create an intimate connection. The same applies to brand stories. The best ones are when products connect on a personal level with the consumer. This is a science-based strategy. Most people make decisions using their limbic brain, which sits at the center of our decision-making and connects to our five senses. Branded storytelling manipulates this with short story brand advertising. The limbic brain sends messages that target the neocortex, the factual part of our brains that processes discounts and limited-time offers. When you understand the science behind the creative process of branded storytelling, you create lifetime customers with evergreen content. That is the modern way to garner market share and a loyal customer base for your brand, business, and product. 

In this episode:

  • [2:54] Zack explains why liberal arts majors make better ad campaigns. 
    • Having a creative mind allows you to take a different approach to marketing.
    • Storytelling is more of a comprehensive approach to advertising than traditional methods. 
  • [5:23] It’s difficult to track ROI when creating ad campaigns based on the human connection between brand and consumer.
    • What are other metrics that can be used to measure successful campaigns?
    • There is no cost analysis attached to building brand awareness and loyalty
  • [14:23] Understanding the narrative of the brand and product is the foundation for story branding marketing.
    • Using evergreen content builds relationships that last longer than traditional marketing methods.
    • The process of figuring out the human connection between brand and consumer is the basis of branded storytelling.
  • [21:35] Understanding the science behind evergreen brand development. 
    • Breaking down the different parts of the brain that create emotional attachment is part of developing a brand connection with consumers. 
    • When you understand the neuroscience behind a winning campaign, it’s easier to replicate it time and time again.

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