E241 - Sometimes, you need to be willing to burn down every idea of what you think success looks like to give you the space to create the life your dreams | with Jamie Meyer - Jeff Mendelson | Automation Superhero

E241 – Sometimes, you need to be willing to burn down every idea of what you think success looks like to give you the space to create the life your dreams | with Jamie Meyer

Jamie Meyer, a successful female entrepreneur in a male-dominated industry, and founder of NineCarat.com, shares her perspective on reaching the pinnacle of your success. Stop waiting for the right time and for things to fall into place because that time never comes. If you want success, you need to chase it down. You need to take messy action and opportunities that come your way even when you feel you are not ready for them. That is the only way to create the best version of yourself and create the life and business of your dreams. Attack your limiting beliefs head-on so you can shut them down. Learn how to use the exhilaration that accompanies fear and anxiety to your advantage to reach your full potential.

Jamie Meyer created her best life when she founded NineCarat.com. A company built on the principles of helping others reach their full potential so they can live out their dreams. Success coaching is not a one-size-fits-all concept; Jamie understands that each individual is unique in their position and perspective, and everyone requires a unique approach. NineCarat works by outlining people’s patterns of behavior because no matter what region of the world you are from or how you were raised, human behavior has set patterns. When you can assess routines and habits, you can  understand reactions and consequences. That is the starting point you use to change your life choices and move ahead. 

Jamie’s challenge when working with clients is pushing them out of their comfort zone. Most people, even those that are considered successful, are only living their life at a 60% effort level. They reach a certain level and become content. Most of the population behaves like this because it’s what they were taught to expect life to be like.  Jamies knows differently. As Einstein said, most people only utilize 10% of their brainpower. Jamie knows people can push themselves to go further. Life will always be forward moving, so if you want to grow and succeed, the only option you have is to take those chances. You need to be willing to risk what you currently have, typically 60%  of your potential, for more. Imagine living your life at a 70 or 80% success level and how that would look for you.

Life is all about perspective and choice. There is always room for improvement and growth. It’s a personal decision to accept life as it is or break out of the old paradigms and limiting belief systems. One example Jamie shares is that the grass is always greener where you water it. In life, people make decisions based on who they are today. Get married at 21, and you choose a partner and lifestyle that fits who you are at 21. Most people are not the same when they are 42. Ideals, desires, wants, all those things shift. This is where accepting life as it comes or being uncomfortable and wanting more than your 60% of happiness comes into play. We have choices. Life moves along the same pattern and trajectory for everyone. If you understand that, you take the lessons you learned and apply them in your new circumstance. There are no repeated mistakes. People have the opportunity to level up and conquer new challenges. 

Jamie helps her clients challenge their limiting beliefs. She helps them realize what they want out of life and what holds them back. She doesn’t claim to have the answers, but she has the questions to lead you to them. Her methods include a lot of introspection and mindset shifting. Jamie’s favorite part of client work is when they reach that aha moment, and a switch flips. Fresh eyes see opportunity in situations where before they saw none. 

When people are unhappy in their life, and they walk through the doors at NineCarat, they want to take a risk and make a change. They’re ready to jump headfirst into their new life and leave everything behind. Many clients are looking to escape the reality they’ve created for themselves. Jamie helps her clients realize what will give them true joy using the framework she created. When you do what you love, every day feels like a day in the ocean with your scuba gear. Jamie also knows that many clients get stuck in societal expectations. They don’t allow themselves the freedom to chase their dreams because they’re not where society tells them they should be, or they haven’t achieved what was expected of them. Letting go of those limiting beliefs is the only way to rebuild with success. 

The beauty in the world is that if 20 people did the same thing, it would still be done in 20 unique ways. Jamie sets out to help her clients realize the opportunities available to them when they are willing to challenge their beliefs. Today, Jamie shares her framework on this episode of the One Big Tip podcast so that you can challenge your limitations and grow in ways you only dreamed possible. Listen to this episode and find the best version of you!

In this episode:

[2:50] What motivated Jamie to open NineCarat.com

  • It’s important to create the ultimate version of your success,
  • Challenge your limiting beliefs, and try new things

[4:20]. There is no standard set of tools you can rely on as a success coach.

  • You need to work off of behavioral patterns. 
  • The only way to change the life you have is to change what you do on a daily basis

[8:20]. Settling for the 60% that life gives you,

  • Even successful people don’t realize that they can reach for more
  • Most people settle in at the 60% mark of what life gives them
  • It’s uncomfortable to push ahead and change things up
  • , Understanding life’s trajectory is forward moving

[12:15] Risk is a part of growth

  • We are different people in different stages of our lives
  • People come into your life to serve a purpose
  • Move forward with the positive lessons and knowledge you’ve gained

[18:52] When people walk through the doors, they are armed with their escape plan

  • When you are emotionally fulfilled, you can live fully present in the moment
  • Each person is unique, even if they are doing the same as someone else they put their twist on things 

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