E250 - Looking to grow your company? Look no further than direct mail marketing campaigns | with Dave Fink - Jeff Mendelson | Automation Superhero

E250 – Looking to grow your company? Look no further than direct mail marketing campaigns | with Dave Fink

You may not recognize Dave Fink, the founder of Posie.com, but you’re familiar with his clients.  Dave Fink has created direct mail campaigns for companies like Dollar Shave Club and Thrive Cosmetics. The actionable methods outlined in this podcast made these brands household names. Dave’s career has spanned over 20 years in digital marketing, creating direct mail campaigns with guaranteed results. Today Dave shares his strategies to help you grow your business using direct mail marketing techniques so that you can see a higher open rate and conversion rate.

David Fink infused new life into direct mail campaigns for his clients. With direct mail, you build authority and stay top of mind in an almost stealth-like manner. Dave uses his strategies to generate hundreds of millions of dollars in ad revenue. When asked why he focused on direct mail marketing in a world where everything is going digital, the answer was simple. It’s another way to connect with your audience. 

Direct mail is no longer just a piece of paper. It’s backed by research and marketing strategies with reliable metrics. Direct mail keeps you top of mind and converts leads to customers when done correctly. Marketing has changed dramatically over the last few years. To create a successful campaign in today’s market, you need to know the best method and approach. You need to place yourself in the mindset of your target audience and think about how they want to be advertised. If someone is spending money on a premium Hulu subscription, would they really appreciate their watching experience being interrupted with ads? Or would they prefer a direct mail approach that they can look through on their own time?

Typically a direct mail marketing campaign has a 90-day life cycle from concept to execution. To win in direct mail, you need to be as close to real-time as possible. That way, you take advantage of the immediate need.  This is a key part of the strategy Dave utilizes for his consumers. The closer you are to the real-time problem and solution awareness, the better the success rate you obtain. Successful campaign zones in on the target market’s needs and executes and delivers as fast as possible. Your company will realize increased ROI and conversion rates when you have a proper framework in place. 

To hear more about how direct mail marketing may be the key to creating a successful marketing campaign for your brand, listen to this episode of the One Big Tip podcast and learn proven strategies that generate higher conversion rates and increase your profits. 

In this episode:

[2:25] Dave shares his journey to creating Posie.com and why he focuses on direct mail marketing

  • Direct mail is not the advertisements of yesteryear
  • There are no metrics that cannot be applied to a direct mail campaign
  • Direct mail is a great way to stay top of mind of your consumer

[4:40] Direct mail is an efficient methodology to tell a story that will resonate with your audience

  • The first step to success is knowing who your market is
  • Think about how they want to be targeted?
  • Use the metrics available to get the most out of your campaign

[9:50] With a lower ad spend, companies can put more money into product development

  • Every step is always geared towards the consumer experience
  • Sometimes, a wider cast net is what your product needs; focus on what brings you the results you want

[14:28] A direct mail marketing lifecycle is typically 90 days from inception to execution

  • A shorter life cycle allows for a quicker kickoff of ads 
  • By shortening the time from inception to execution, you are there when the consumer needs you most
  • The more targeted you are, the better your ROI

[19:40] The more sophisticated the approach, the better the results

  • Take the time to know your purpose
  • Be problem aware so you can create the solution
  • Get the solution into the hands of your customers as efficiently as you can

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