E252 - To be successful, you need to be your authentic self. Aligning your passions with who you are, makes it easy | with Peter Lynch - Jeff Mendelson | Automation Superhero

E252 – To be successful, you need to be your authentic self. Aligning your passions with who you are, makes it easy | with Peter Lynch

Peter Lynch, the founder of Unshakable. pro is an alignment coach. Peter focuses on helping his clients push past self-imposed limiting beliefs to live their lives to their fullest potential. Peter works with people who want to unlock their natural gifts and align them with their business ideology. Peter encourages his clients to do for others with a strong belief that we grow when we share our gifts with the world.

Listen to this episode of the  One Big Tip podcast as Peter explains how to unlock your true purpose so you can better serve others.

Before Peter started helping others build a better life through hard work and digging deep, he did the work himself. When he was unhappy with his life’s direction and felt like he had zero prospects, Peter turned inward and realized the only way out was to work on himself. So many people don’t realize that conflict, even if it’s self-imposed, thrives on energy. When you fight conflict or try to resist it instead of resolving it, you put energy into things that don’t deserve your time, thoughts, or energy. Rather than adopt a victim mentality, and wallow in what you don’t have, Peter realized that the only way out of an unhappy situation was to face it head-on, allow the feelings to flow, and move on with ease. 

As Peter started working with others to help them heal their inner conflict, he noticed a pattern. Most people don’t have the tools needed to allow themselves grace when things don’t go as planned. We are all humans, and we are inherently flawed. We will make mistakes and fail. What matters is how people deal with their shortcomings. That is what determines the kind of life you create for yourself. Sometimes you just need to feel the pain, sorrow, and discomfort to successfully come out the other end happier and more full of life. That is what Peter shares with his clients. He teaches them methods to employ when facing challenges and helps them surpass their conflict. 

Through client work, Peter realized that the sector that dealt with these issues the most was entrepreneurs. When starting a new business endeavor, you usually jump in feet first and hit the ground running. This creates a lot of uncertainty, and doubt and fear creep in. Many people become limited by their self-created obstacles. The ability to pivot and see that maybe your idea was not the golden nugget you thought it was, is hard to swallow.  And if you haven’t done the inner work on self-acceptance and forgiveness, these conflicts build and create insurmountable obstacles that need to be broken down to clear the road to success.  Peter works with people who have a great deal of passion, energy, and desire to grow and learn. He helps them create unstoppable energy by assisting them in aligning their values with what they do. 

One thing that sets Peter apart from other coaches in his industry is his belief in giving back. Peter’s journey showed him that the best way to feel successful in life is to give to others. Peter encourages his clients to share their gifts with the world. Because only when you honor who you are can you positively touch the world. Learn how to break down self-imposed barriers and push yourself further than you dreamed possible on this episode of the One Big Tip podcast. 

In this episode:

[2:40] Peter shares his journey of self-evolution

  • Learn to look inward to make change
  • Accountability is key to moving forward

[6:31] Introspection

  • Conflict takes energy away from other parts of your life
  • Don’t focus on the things you can’t change

[12:25] Learn how to lean into what challenges you

  • When you fight your conflicts you cannot overcome them
  • Today in society, it is not favorable to accept things – even though that is the only way to move away from them

[18:00] Entrepreneurs are limited due to self-imposed roadblocks

  • look at what is stopping you from moving ahead
  • How can you do things differently
  • Be flexible in your thinking

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