E256 - M-S-G - If you want to reach your full potential, you need the right mindset, the proper skill set, and the push to get off your asset | with Sallie Wagner - Jeff Mendelson | Automation Superhero

E256 – M-S-G – If you want to reach your full potential, you need the right mindset, the proper skill set, and the push to get off your asset | with Sallie Wagner

Sallie Wagner is an intentional life coach, successful speaker, author, attorney, real estate broker, and Life Alchemist. Sallie can coach you into action for rapid concrete results. You’re not going to get different results doing the same things on repeat. Sallie created a program where she utilizes EFT and NLP to help her clients overcome fears, let go of limiting beliefs and chase their dreams to live the life they want and deserve. In this episode of the One Big Tip podcast, you will learn Sallie’s framework to move past your trauma and become the person you were destined to be.

Sally Wagner is an intentional life coach who helps her clients change their mindset and utilize their skill set so they can take action. Or, as Sally likes to put it, she encourages her clients to  ‘get off your asset.’ In her coaching program, Sally uses Emotional Freedom Techniques and neuro-linguistic programming to finally help people get out of their own way to chase their dreams. Sally’s road to success took many turns until she tapped into her skillset and had a clear vision of where she wanted to see her life. 

After a long career in law and real estate, Sallie decided to venture into coaching, where she could make the most significant impact. Sallie created a three-part framework that she shares with her clients who work with her to move past trauma or self-destructive behaviors that are holding them back from success. Her framework consists of creating the proper mindset, knowing your skill set, and taking action even if it’s messy. 

The first part of the framework focuses on mindset. This term has become part of our modern language to mean many different things. In this framework, mindset is more than just having positive thoughts. Sallie wants her clients to be their authentic selves and portray that to the world. When you have the mindset of knowing who you are and what you stand for, people gravitate toward you.  The second part of the framework is the skillset. A large part of my skill set is learning how to communicate effectively with others to get your point or message across while still aligning with your authentic self. Most people allow emotion to dictate their decisions. When you work on having the right mindset, you take emotion out of the equation and substitute it for knowledge. If you base decisions on knowledge, you are more likely to make the right decisions and think critically. The last leg of Sallie’s framework is taking action. Too many of us know what we need to do but don’t. People will never reach their goals without action, but action alone is not enough. You have to take action that will move you in the right direction to get you the desired results. 

The magic happens when the three parts of the framework come together seamlessly. Only when you have the right mindset, hone your skillset, and take action can you start to see results. The key to keeping the results flowing is to create systems and processes. These two things make a workflow that you can follow to successfully achieve the desired results repeatedly. It works like a puzzle; all you need to do is pop the pieces into the equation. 

The next step to ensure success is finding an accountability partner. Many of us know what we need to do, but we constantly self-sabotage and can’t get out of our own way. Having someone keep us accountable helps us stay on track. The more we stay on track, the more positive results we see. This creates a positive cycle that you want to engage in. Sallie has found a 76% success rate for her clients when all the pieces of her framework come together. 

If a client is having difficulty achieving the proper mindset, that’s when Sallie employs EFT therapy and neurolinguistic programming. These two therapies rewire the brain to help it heal and move past trauma. With this unique approach, Sallie helps people get to the root cause of their negative behavior and thought process and eliminates the limiting beliefs and decisions so they can move forward with the right mindset and start to take action. 

If you are finding yourself stuck in negative behavior patterns, utilize this framework so you can focus on your mindset, and skillset and then get off your asset and start working towards your goals. 

In this episode:

[2:05] Sallie shares her career background

  • To achieve success, it’s best to follow your passion
  • Don’t be afraid to change what you’re doing if it’s where your heart takes you

[7:40] Achieving the right mindset puts your thoughts into perspective

  • To make the right decisions you need to take emotions out of the equation
  • Knowledge is what arms you to make the right decisions
  • Critical thinking is what moves you along the path to your end goal

[11:15] Once you have the mindset and skillset you need to create a framework

  • Consistent action is key to achieving anything great in your life
  • Standards of procedure keep you on the right track 

[13:20] Sometimes you need help to obtain the proper mindset

  • Recognize if there is trauma holding you back
  • Deal with the things that are preventing you from moving forward so you can overcome obstacles

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