E257 - Looking to make it big in cryptocurrency investing? Look no further than the Crypto Flywheel framework | with Josh Rhodes - Jeff Mendelson | Automation Superhero

E257 – Looking to make it big in cryptocurrency investing? Look no further than the Crypto Flywheel framework | with Josh Rhodes

Don’t let fear of the unknown hold you back from achieving wealth beyond your dreams. Break down modern technology and daunting vocabulary, and start building your crypto portfolio today. Josh Rhodes, the founder of CryptoY’all, is a cryptocurrency investor educator. His mission is to get everyone comfortable with the new way to grow your portfolio and generate wealth using the crypto flywheel three-part framework. In today’s episode of the One Big Tip podcast, Josh shares actionable tips so you can be comfortable investing in cryptocurrency to grow your portfolio. 

Josh Rhodes founded Cryptoy’all because he’s on a mission to help everyone understand the new technology driving the crypto sector forward in the market. He debunks the daunting vocabulary associated with crypto investing and currency.

Josh uses the crypto flywheel framework to educate his clients on the best way to acquire wealth with cryptocurrency. The flywheel framework consists of appreciation, leverage, and cash flow. Once you understand how to use the framework, you will have an actionable strategy to grow your wealth. 

The idea behind CryptoY’all stems from Josh’s southern roots. Just like he would share a nice cold glass of lemonade with a neighbor, he wants to share the knowledge of how to grow your wealth with cryptocurrency. The first thing that he wants people to understand is that crypto is in its infancy stage and is volatile. On the flip side, it has the potential to be a unique asset class and be leverage for great wealth, just like real estate or gold. 

At the core of his investment strategy is what Josh calls the crypto flywheel. The flywheel has three parts to it. The first is cash flow. This means that crypto, like many other stocks on the Dow Jones, pays out dividends. Dividends are essentially cash in your pocket from your investment. The second part of the flywheel is appreciation. That’s where you buy a cryptocurrency and hold it over the long term, as it increases in value. This generates more money than you can reinvest into your holdings, creating additional wealth. The third part of the flywheel is leverage. This means you take the value of your asset, your crypto portfolio, and you borrow against it to purchase another asset class to generate another income stream or cash flow. That is the formula for creating wealth. Many people make the mistake of increasing their lifestyle as their cash flow increases. That won’t make you wealthy. Using your cash flow to purchase assets that generate more wealth is the strategy to create generational wealth. 

Listen to this episode of the One Big Tip podcast to debunk the mystery around cryptocurrency and learn how to leverage your investments to generate cash flow, acquire assets and create wealth.

In this episode:

[2:10] Josh shares his love of investing and how he came to start his business

  • Love what you choose to do 
  • Success is measured by how many people you influence and help
  • Don’t be intimidated by things you don’t know – take the time to learn about them

[8:00] When investing in the stock market, think strategically 

  • Don’t play the market the way you do the slot machines if you want to generate wealth
  • Be informed about the market
  • Cryptocurrency is its own asset class

[16:00] Use the flywheel three-part strategy to grow wealth

  • Only purchase assets that pay dividends
  • Leverage your current assets to buy additional cashflow assets to grow your wealth
  • Invest for the long term to take advantage of growth opportunities

[18:52] Set appropriate investment goals that are realistic

  • An eleven-dollar-a-day return on your investment adds up over the course of a year
  • Sometimes it’s better to be cautious and play it safe
  • Never invest more than you can afford to lose

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