E262 - Use Linkedin to laser focus on the right prospects to grow your business while creating a spirit of reciprocity | with Jess Tiffany - Jeff Mendelson | Automation Superhero

E262 – Use Linkedin to laser focus on the right prospects to grow your business while creating a spirit of reciprocity | with Jess Tiffany

Jess Tiffany is the owner of The Marketing & Networking University and the author of over 200 books on Amazon KDP. Jess is also the host of the established podcast Rev It Up, a B2B lead generation expert, an advisor, and a coach. Jess created the STARZ Client Acquisition System to help his clients generate more leads and sales by teaching them how to leverage the power and potential of Linkedin and other business channels so that they can use laser focus to reach the decision-makers in their target audience. 

Jess focused on the Linkedin platform because it’s the best way to connect with people in business. His tip is to use a commonality that you have to make connections, and leverage Linkedin, to grow your network. There are many search options within the Linkedin platform,  especially with the premium Linkedin services. That allows you to laser focus on who you want to reach so you can start a conversation with them.

Jess created the STARZ Client Acquisition System so his clients had a clear framework for leveraging what they had, alongside Linkedin, to increase customers. The framework is a hybrid model of how your profile should look and how to make connections. The first thing you need to do is ensure your profile is professional-looking. Make sure It’s clean, with an excellent profile picture. It should have a link to your company profile and website. The next part is creating content for your Linkedin profile. You can do this by writing a book to establish authority, being a guest on a podcast, or writing an article. Create solid content so that if your customer enters your name or brand into Google, there will be at least two pages worth of quality content that you can link to Linkedin. The last step of the STARS system is outreach. When reaching out to potential leads, make it personal, don’t use a bot. Start the conversation with the things you have in common. Ask quality questions that engage and procure conversations. Jess’s best tip is to use your Linkedin profile as a selling point to attract customers. Don’t think of it from your perspective. Use it as your call of action and how you can solve your target audience’s pain point. 

The STARZ framework wants you to see your Linkedin profile as your website in its most accurate form. You can have a CTA, your offer, and the pain point you help resolve. Take advantage of what Linkedin offers and leverage that to grow your business by creating conversations with other like-minded people, so you can build your network and keep your pipeline full. 

In this episode:

[2:05] What prompted Jess to focus on the Linkedin platform

  • It was the best place to find like-minded people
  • If you’re in the B2B space, that’s where your target audience is

[6:55] Become facile with the search functions of Linkedin

  • You don’t necessarily need to have a premium membership to grow your business
  • Use the boolean search method to get the most targeted search you can

[12:50] Use a personal touch when doing outreach

  • Avoid bots and automation when building relationships
  • A private message that references a commonality is a good place to start building a relationship

[14:28] Create a profile that captures people’s attention

  • Make sure it’s professional
  • Have links to your company
  • Have a clear photo
  • Explain what pain points you serve
  • Include a clear call to action

[15:49] The STARZ Framework

  • Connect with people with who you have a commonality with
  • Build relationships and start conversations
  • Don’t pitch the first chance you get

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