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E264 – Increase engagement by using a personal anecdote in your email campaign | with Liz Wilcox

Liz Wilcox is a self-taught email strategist and keynote speaker who focuses on helping small businesses build online relationships with their customers. Her secret sauce? Using a personal anecdote to create emails that convert. By making things personal, you instantly create a bond with others. Liz is dedicated to helping small businesses increase sales using direct mail marketing as the self-proclaimed pop princess of email marketing. Listen to this One Big Tip podcast episode and learn how to connect with your customer base using email marketing.

Liz began a career in email marketing by happenstance. What started as an RV blog with an ebook offer turned into a successful venture. Within 90 days, Liz’s RV ebook filled with funny black tank humor got picked up by an international sponsor, and the rest naturally progressed. What skill did Liz use to grow her business? Connecting with her target audience. Once you do that, the rest simply flows. 

Every email sequence and template Liz created and encourages others to create is based on creativity. You need to put the work in to get excellent results. Creativity is a three-prong process: First, show your personality. Let people see what makes you unique. The second is your vision. What do you want your clients to see and follow, and where will this journey take them? The last prong is, what are your values? What do you stand for? People want to know that you believe in what you’re selling. These are the steps to building a loyal customer base.

The key to Liz’s One Big Tip is not to tell a story in your emails. You won’t keep anyone interested if you do that. Instead, use emails to give personal updates, just two or three sentences about the latest things going on in your life. Share with your audience, and they’ll know they matter to you. Once they know you’re invested in them, they’ll become invested in you, and that’s how you build a loyal customer base. Your goal is to be relatable, not interesting. If you’re relatable, the right people will stick around. This method helps you narrow your audience, but the ones you retain will be loyal. 

When you are looking to create email marketing campaigns that convert, try Liz’s methods. Relate to your audience, and share who you are and what you’re about. Let us know if this One Big Tip worked for you!

In this episode:

[2:25] Liz Shares her background

  • The best place to start is often where you are right now
  • Start with something that you can relate to and are passionate about

[5:46] Really understand who you are targeting

  • The more you can know you’re avatar the easier it is to reach them
  • Know what they are interested in to convert them with your email campaigns

[9:27] Things never happen overnight

  • There are very few people who become an overnight success
  • No one wants to pay attention to the hard work that goes into becoming successful

[12:47] People will only pay attention to what you’re selling if you do it with the intention 

  • You need a vision & a purpose
  • When your audience knows that you are the real thing, they are happy to follow your journey

[16:20] Use personal anecdotes to establish a relationship

  • Don’t tell long drawn out stories, just little snippets, and insights into your life
  • Everything about you is unique, share that quality with your audience

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