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E265 – Become A Thought Leader In Your Industry, and Stand Out From The Competition | with Nicky Billou

Nicky Billou is the Founder of E-Circle Academy and host of two podcasts,  “The Thought Leader Revolution Podcast” and “The Sovereign Man Podcast.”  At E-Circle Academy, Nicky coaches entrepreneurs who are ready to scale their business by niching down and becoming authorities in their field. An advisor to some of the most dynamic entrepreneurs in Canada and an inspirational speaker in the corporate world. Nicky has spoken in front of Lululemon, RBC, and Royal LePage. In this episode of the  One Big Tip podcast, he shares his strategies so you can grow your business and become a branded thought leader in your niche.

Nicky Billou became a coach to follow in his father’s footsteps. His father taught him that the way to grow is by giving to others. With a unique background, Nicky learned at a young age the importance of helping others and giving others the gift of independence. With a drive to help others and encourage positivity, Nicky founded E-Circle Academy. 

The foundation of Nicky’s One Big Tip is that he knows that true, solid business is not a money game. It’s a people game. If you invest in others and learn to serve others, you can always almost guarantee a successful outcome. This is the strategy that Nicky teaches in his coaching program. His mantra is that if you want to do great things, you need to see the greatness in yourself. If you can accomplish that, you are a branded thought leader, and the rest will follow. 

The first step in the framework is to be able to answer the question, what solution is your business bringing to the table? This is typically the first question to answer when starting a brand or company. You need to have a deep understanding of what your offer is. Is it viable? Will people be interested in it? If yes, you move on to the second part of the framework to become a thought leader. What is the pain point you are solving for your target audience? How will your product or service enhance their lives and make things easier? Will people realize that you have the solution to a problem they are experiencing? 

The last step is to figure out the best way to get your solution in front of the people you want to serve. This question is all about monetization. How do you package your unique genius and sell it to others? Over the years, Nicky has realized that most new entrepreneurs get stuck in the doing part of building a business. They are afraid to take action for various reasons, whether they don’t feel ready, lack confidence, or they’re unsure of what path to take. At the heart of Nicky’s coaching program is community.  With a strong community, people can be unstoppable. 

Nicky Billou’s One Big Tip is all about giving to others, serving others, and finding the best part of who you are. That is the best way to set your brand apart from a crowded sea of competition and establish yourself as a thought leader in your field. Whatever you do, do it with greatness and be the best at it. Let us know how this One Big Tip works for you!

In this episode:

[2:50] Nicky introduces his background

  • Life takes you to unusual places
  • Look for influence all around you because you never know who will make the most significant impact

[7:45] The basis of his coaching program

  • When you have someone in your corner, it’s easy to take risks
  • Be there for others, good comes full circle

[10:42] Become a thought leader and watch your business grow

  • When you believe in yourself you can accomplish anything
  • Share your genius with others, learn how to monetize your gift

[14:35] Capitalism is what makes the world go round

  • The more people who experience success, the more people can help others grow
  • Sometimes you need to give to others so you can receive

[16:42] How do determine if a program is legitimate?

  • One-and done programs are created by people who are good at what they do
  • Don’t fear the unknown. Jump in and take the opportunity

[19:22] Identify the pain point

  • Know who you are targeting
  • Know how to solve their problem

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