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E269 – Be the authority in your industry by becoming an author | with Mike Capuzzi

Mike Capuzzi is the Founder of Bite-Size Books, a company that helps entrepreneurs establish themselves as an authority in their field by writing a book based on their expertise. Mike began his journey as an entrepreneur in the sales industry. He wrote a book based on his wealth of knowledge that he sent out to prospective clients before his initial meetings and realized how that book helped him close deals with ease. Today, Mike has authored over 15 books, two of which are on the best sellers list on Amazon. Mike is also the host of the successful podcast, The Author Factor. He’s here today to share his One Big Tip that can launch your career and help you achieve top status, authoring a book based on your expertise.

What’s unique about books is that they have a way of elevating your knowledge and making you an expert.  Mike found that most people can and will read a short, direct-to-the-point book, especially if it won’t take more than a couple of hours to read. What Mike created is a formula for the average business person to be able to write a book using their expertise within 12 weeks. The strategy is actually about creating marketing collateral that will last for years. It’s about creating a lead magnet to attract your target audience and bringing them into your world as your client, student, group member, and more. This is the shift in focus, as Mike likes to call it. The end goal is not to sell thousands of books. The purpose is to write a book that brings in hundreds of clients so you can sell them your expertise, product, or service. 

A strategy that Mike wants his clients to use is to implement touch points in their book. You grab a potential client’s attention by creating a book containing marketing collateral.

The book should recommend they download a worksheet or sign up for a newsletter. These are examples of ways to use your short book to bring people into your world. Think of your short book as a conversation starter. 

Once you decide to write your book as the author, you need to figure out how you’ll distribute it. Will you create a tripwire offer, exchanging the book for an email address, or will you charge shipping and handling fees at $20 and sell the book for free (a self-liquidating offer)? You need to determine the best way to distribute your marketing collateral. Because your main goal is not to monetize the book itself, the less you can charge for it, the better. You always need to keep in mind that the purpose of the book is to acquire your target audience as customers. It’s part of getting them to your brand or business.

Another point that Mike touches on is the value of being an Amazon best-selling author. With over 16,000 different categories of books within the amazon books section, there are at least that many number one best sellers. You need to look at it from a layman’s perspective. Being an Amazon best seller still holds a lot of statuses. However, the algorithm to become one is not that difficult a feat. 

Writing a short book can help all entrepreneurs,  from small business owners to coaches writing to promote a launch. They can also help raise awareness for a good cause or a charity. When you write a book, you have to look at it as part of a long-term strategy. It’s marketing collateral that you should be able to rely on for years to come. If you’re looking to establish yourself as an authority in your field and have an area of expertise that you would like to share with prospects, consider writing a short book!

In this episode:

[2:45] Mike explains how he started writing his first book

  • You never know where the next big thing will come from
  • Be open to new opportunities

[6:05] Books are about establishing authority in your field

  • When you write a book to establish authority in your field, you shouldn’t worry about the price of the book, as that’s not what you’re after
  • Look to books as a way to obtain new customers

[11:22] Every businessman can benefit from writing a book

  • Publishing is a way a means of inbound marketing
  • You can use your book as a tripwire offer
  • Give people a chance to get to know who you are

[16:22] Books were meant to help people

  • When you publish a book it’s to get information into people’s hands
  • You want to educate them on what makes you who you are

[22:12] It’s not the length of the book that’s important

  • In 2022 the attention span of readers is not as large as it used to be
  • The shorter your book the better it is, be clear, concise, and to the point to captivate your audience

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