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E270 – Make Connections with Intention and Your Business Will Flourish | with Reuben Swartz

Reuben Swartz is a software engineer who found his true passion in sales and marketing. What drove his passion was that different-sized companies require different practices when it comes to marketing strategies. That’s why Reuben founded Mimiran, a CRM platform for small business owners and solopreneurs who wanted to expand their business without being overwhelmed. 

Reuben founded Mimiran on this principle: the best way to grow your business is by helping people instead of selling, teaching people instead of marketing, and connecting with people instead of networking.

One strategy Reuben suggests is to niche down instead of going wide. When you want to grow your business, go narrow and know your customers rather than try to target everyone. Reuben shares more strategies to help you grow your business without becoming salesy or pushy in today’s One Big Tip podcast episode. 

They say necessity is the mother of all invention, and in Reuben’s case, that’s precisely what happened. He searched the world for a CRM that would work for his small business. When he didn’t find one, he built one to suit. Then he realized he needed to grow his company and had to rely on making connections and networking. As an introverted entrepreneur, he realized that wouldn’t work for his personality. Instead of just having conversations with everyone, he started to connect with people who were genuinely interested in what he had to say and what he was offering. That’s where the magic happened. Reuben built the success of his business by creating connections with intention with like-minded people who were interested in what he had to offer. 

The strategy of connecting with intention means you need to know who your market is. You need to pay attention to where they hang out online, which platforms they use, and know where to find them. Then there’s no selling. You have person A who has something they are passionate about and person B who is genuinely interested in what person A has to offer. Another method that Reuben uses is talking to people you already know and just telling them what you’re up to. People are typically genuinely interested and want to help others. This is an untapped resource for most entrepreneurs. The only reason people don’t do this is that it’s out of their comfort zone, and they are entrenched in fear. 

If you’re ready to grow your business, start making connections with intention and watch your business grow. We’d like to know how this One Big Tip worked for you!

In this episode:

[2:25] Reuben shares his background

  • You don’t always start where you need to be
  • Follow your passion and see where it takes you

[5:10] When you can’t find what you need, you need to get creative

  • Don’t be afraid to follow your passion
  • If you need a specific service, others need it too

[13:20] Sales is not like dating, to succeed you don’t cast a wide net

  • To be successful you need to narrow your reach
  • It’s better to be an expert on one thing than average on many

[16:50] COVID impacted entrepreneurs

  • Step outside of your comfort zone 
  • The people you already know are your first point of contact

[20:02] Passion is something that is contagious

  • Clients can feel the passion behind a pitch
  • If you know something is good, it’s easy to convince others of the same

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