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E273 – Find your passion, then a mentor, and you’ll attain your goals | with Edwin Carrion

Edwin Carrion is an entrepreneur passionate about sharing the skills he learned to help others achieve their goals. A U.S. Marine who started a career in real estate development after an honorable discharge from the military, Edwin focused on two things that helped him grow as an entrepreneur. Edwin sharpened his negotiation skills and grew his network with other professionals. These skills are what catapulted him into various successful businesses. Today he works with others to help them find success in the real estate development space as a coach and mentor. He shares his most actionable tips and strategies to help you grow and expand your business below.

An entrepreneur at heart, Edwin knew that he would rather be his own boss and have the opportunity of independence than work for someone making six figures. One tenet he teaches his clients is that you will experience the volatility of a down market as an entrepreneur. But on the flip side, you experience the ultimate of highs. Having survived the stock market crash of 2007 and the real estate bubble burst, Edwin now approaches every business opportunity from a unique perspective. Today, he coaches clients on how to build and run recession-proof businesses. He encourages people to run their business as lean as possible and always have an alternative method to keep that business going during the hard times when you’re only bringing in 50% of your income. To Edwin, the way to run a successful business is learning to leverage what you have against the possibility of a down market. 

The main point that Edwin focuses on is a mindset. He encourages people to focus on the things that are important to them. Often, entrepreneurs get too hyper-focused on growing their businesses, and they forget to be thankful and enjoy the things in life that aren’t driven by financial growth. When you align the important parts of your life with your goals, abundance in business usually follows. This mindset begins with having faith in yourself and understanding that everyone in your business, every moving cog, has a value they bring to the table. From the individual on the assembly line to the person driving the big rig to deliver produce to the grocery chain. When you start to understand that you have value that you are providing to your clients, that’s when you’re business grows. This occurs because the value has an infinite price. If someone wants what you have to offer, they are willing to go the extra mile to obtain it. 

Having faith in yourself and your dreams is integral to Edwin’s coaching philosophy. When people have confidence, they are more at ease and can forge relationships with others that give them the momentum they need to push harder, grow further and reach their goals. If you’re ready to see your life transformed in all directions, apply Edwin’s actionable tips to your life, and see the magic happen. 

In this episode:

[2:25] Edwin shares his background

  • Edwin has a strong belief in his faith
  • Always believe in yourself

[5:15] Edwin shares his work experience

  • If you want to be a successful entrepreneur, focus on recession-proof businesses
  • Know how you will manage the hard times financially as your own boss

[8:49] Don’t give up on what truly matters

  • Financial success is not the most accurate measure of success
  • Focus on family and relationships not just moving the revenue needle forward

[13:00] Know what value you have to offer

  • When you provide a service that is valued, people don’t object to the cost
  • Everyone in a business provides value, don’t forget to recognize it

[15:56] Edwin shares success stories of his clients

  • Lean into your strength 
  • Don’t be afraid to switch gears
  • Grow your network so you can leverage it in the future

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