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E280 – You need to change your inner dialogue to change your life | with Amanda Barrientez

Dr. Amanda Barrientez founded NFA money, a company that helps people shift their money mindset. Known as the money healer since 2018, Dr. Amanda works with coaches and entrepreneurs, helping them transform their relationships with money and scale their businesses. Her unique goal is to help business owners work less, earn more, and live a life that offers more satisfaction. Today Dr. Amanda shares her unique three-part framework, review, reframe, and repeat, which she uses to help her clients scale their business by shifting their money mindset. 

Dr. Amanda knows firsthand that her three-part framework works, as she’s a product of what it can produce. Once a struggling single mom to three, working two jobs, feeling overwhelmed by life, Dr. Amanda decided to make a change. She realized that her mental blocks regarding money were holding her back. After immersing herself in a wealth of information on how to change her money mindset and change her life, Amanda took a leap of faith and quit her job in academia. Becoming a coach was life-changing for Amanda. It gave her a sense of purpose, freedom, and fulfillment. Today she wants to share what she learned with the world so that others can feel the same. 

The first thing that Dr. Amanda helps her clients understand is that your outer world is a reflection of your inner world. You must first get your thoughts in order before your life falls into place. You must be honest, find your passion, and trust your intuition. This space is what Dr. Amanda refers to as the zone of manifestation. Then when you apply this three-part framework, things tend to fall into place. When you don’t like the life you’re living and you’re not happy with the outside image of your life, you need to reframe your thoughts and change your inner dialogue. Change always begins with our thoughts, as there are always two competing sides to every thought. You need to learn to listen to the thought that will bring you closer to your goals.

It’s important to recognize the feelings and thoughts holding you back from what you most desire,  whether it’s happiness, money, or a better relationship. That’s the awareness step. The second step is asking yourself how you will reframe your thoughts and emotions. You get to decide what direction your thoughts go in. Then simply put the process on repeat. This three-part framework is a proven method for changing your thought pattern, which in turn changes your behavior and helps to improve your life. When you’re happy with your thoughts and choices, you feel aligned and attract positive things. Only once your inner thoughts and dialogue are adjusted will you begin to see your outer world change. 

Over time the reframing becomes automatic. You’ll realize at a certain point in the process that you’ve changed your inner dialogue. However, our subconscious thoughts are multi-layers deep. So as long as you’re willing to peel back the layers and work at an intense level, the process never ends. You can continually challenge yourself to improve and do better. 

Often, the things holding us back are deep in our subconscious. Perhaps you believe that if you become a big earner, you will become greedy or unkind. Uncovering this thought process allows you to reframe it so that you can create a new story. You get to rewrite your story to bring the things you want to live. Just keep using the three-part framework to rewire your thought process. If you want lasting long-term results, you need to practice the behavior on a long-term basis. There is no shortcut or cheat sheet for success and happiness. If you’re ready to change your reality and mindset, follow this three-part framework – review, reframe and repeat.

In this episode:

[2:30] Dr. Amanda shares her introduction to coaching

  • Don’t give up on your hopes and dreams
  • Always follow your passion
  • Look for different ways to explore your passions. If you enjoy teaching, you can be a coach or a mentor. Be open to possibilities. 

[6:52] It is easy to be passionate about what you do when it’s something you enjoy

  • Find your zone of manifestation 
  • Know what motivates you, and don’t lose focus
  • Your internal dialogue matters most regarding how we view the world and our actions.

[12:20] You need to shift your mindset if you want to shift your actions

  • What we do on repeat are our habits
  • Habits done over time create behaviors
  • We are all a culmination of our habits, for better or worse
  • To change what we have on the outside you need to begin with the noise inside your mind.

[15:02] Start with the question of where you want to be

  • Recognize where you are and that it’s not what you want
  • Reframe your thoughts toward the positive to create new patterns

[17:23] Our thoughts control our actions

  • When you reframe your thoughts constantly you are creating a new internal dialogue.
  • To challenge your belief you must be willing to be open to new things. 

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