E283 - Move from an emotional to a logical environment by taking inventory of what's important in your life | with Chandler Walker - Jeff Mendelson | Automation Superhero

E283 – Move from an emotional to a logical environment by taking inventory of what’s important in your life | with Chandler Walker

Chandler Walker is an entrepreneur who creates sustainable growth using a holistic marketing approach. A self-proclaimed care hacker. Chandler shares his actionable tips and techniques to achieve set goals as a care hacker, someone who can deeply make a connection from problems to solutions.


Chandler grew up with a mother who suffered from bipolar disorder. Early on he learned how to talk to people in a neutral way. He wanted to put himself in an environment where he could provide care to people and help because someone like his mother didn’t find out that she could actually get help until he was in his twenties. The problem was, as he started med school, he realized that it wasn’t focused on preventative care or no kind of holistic care. For him, it was about opening a book, figuring out what medication to give someone, and sending them on their way. Chandler then decided to open his first brick-and-mortar. He had some inspiration from his father as an entrepreneur. His father taught him at a young age that it was possible to build as well as to grow something.

Throughout his business and life journey, he understands greatly that if you take care of people, they’ll look back and take care of you. Chandler believes at the end of the day; people are going to forget everything that you do for them. They’re going to forget the things you teach them, but they will never forget how you make them feel. He learned this throughout his life. Through communication on a personal level, and in business, when you make your staff, employees, and your customers happy, along with making them feel different from anyone else, you’ll gain someone who will follow you for life. 

He goes on to say that if your focus is achieving a level five listening concept with everybody that you interact with, and they really feel that you care. You have meaningful conversations, listen and understand where they’re coming from, and remove your own cognitive bias. People start to respect you and they really want to be a part of what you’re doing and be part of your circle. You draw people in. His entire philosophy is based on building that culture of care and helping people recognize that.

Chandler teaches people what to do when they have negative thoughts that come up, looking in the mirror and not being happy with who they see. You need to start asking yourself why am I feeling like this, and what can I do to make it better? With a cognitive process of questioning your own thoughts to move you from an emotional perspective into a logical perspective.

He helps you to break things down into smaller pieces, to not make it seem too hard or too far or too big to solve. Start setting your own goals. Make it a habit to start journaling about the thoughts that you have throughout the day. Take inventory of what’s important in your life.

He helps you to self-organize and take each problem piece by piece and move that into a logical environment. This becomes less emotional and makes you recognize what’s really going on. He believes this to be extremely important to take things from the internal to the external, and when we do that, we not only have to externalize what we’re thinking, we have to process everything. Moving from an emotional to a logical environment. 

In this episode:

[1:50]  Chandler shares intimate detail about how he came to this point in his life

  • Growing up with a mother who suffered from bipolar disorder, learning how to talk to people in a neutral way
  • Being in an environment to provide and care for people

[3:05]  Coming up with Care Hacker

  • If you take care of people, they’ll look back and take care of you
  • People will never forget the way you make them feel

[5:04]  How we should all question ourselves and not try to ignore things

  • Look in the mirror and ask yourself why you feel things and then start asking – what can I do to make this better?
  • Sticking to the emotional and forgetting that there is logic available

[10:26]  Have actionable ways to move through the steps

  • Organizing too much at once gets you overwhelmed and may lead you to quit
  • Hit little goals each at its own time will get you excited to keep hitting more goals

[15:52]  Journaling is a perfect way to examine the evidence and see solutions through probable scenarios

  • Understanding how to journal and put things into practice
  • Having an end goal and journal with a purpose
  • Define, describe and create an outline of how we can solve a problem

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