E288 - Align your brand with your message and watch your revenue grow! | with Orsolya Herbein - Jeff Mendelson | Automation Superhero

E288 – Align your brand with your message and watch your revenue grow! | with Orsolya Herbein

Orsolya Herbein is a founding partner at Brand3, a company specializing in strategic branding. Orsolya focuses on helping companies cut through the clutter and noise to create branding continuity across all platforms. Having created a three-part framework that combines branding, marketing, and consumer experience, Orsolya rose to the top of her field. When you combine these three elements, you can produce incredible results that last. In this episode of the One Big Tip podcast, Orsolya shares her holistic approach to marketing so you can benefit from 100% of your marketing efforts.

Orsolya’s journey to becoming a marketing and branding wiz started with a love of art and design. Combining that with her drive to see a project through from start to finish, branding, strategy, and marketing seemed the perfect career choice. The principle of Brand3 is to use a holistic marketing approach. Every marketing department cog must work synergistically together for a company to succeed and stand independently. Often, that’s where many companies fall short. They have a marketing department, a copywriter, and a graphic designer, but they never interact or work together to create a cohesive idea. What happens next is the business becomes unsustainable. 

When it comes to branding success, it’s essential to align your brand and brand image with the target audience you want to market towards. If you’re selling a luxury product, you won’t run an advertising campaign in your local newspaper. Perhaps you’ll sponsor a high-end activity where your message will resonate with your target audience. In Orsolya’s experience, when your brand is aligned correctly, the marketing end takes care of itself. When your branding is not aligned correctly, the best advertising campaign in the world won’t bring you success. Successful branding techniques evoke an emotional response to the product. It’s not always about the product but how it makes the consumer feel. Successful branding aligns the expectation and experience. If you can get the right mix, you hit the marketing jackpot!

The best marketers can see a brand from another person’s perspective, ideally the one of your target audience. Once you do that, you’ll understand how to speak to them, so they know your message. The truth is, no customer cares that you have been in the business for 35 years. They care about how your brand makes them feel and how you come through on your promise. Can you deliver the emotion that they are looking for? Marketing that doesn’t evoke an emotional response only creates noise and clutter, diluting your message and goal. 

When you want to win at marketing, you need to ensure your branding is spot on. Make sure you take a holistic approach to satisfy your customer’s needs. That’s when you’ll see an increase in revenue and a lower ROAS. If you’re ready to see your business soar, look at your marketing message and how it tells your brand’s story.  

In this episode:

[2:25] Orsolya shares her background

  • You need to monetize your skillset if you want to have a career
  • Look for opportunities in every industry where you can excel
  • What you do should satisfy your needs – if you’re creative or an analytic, choose a path that fits.
  • To succeed in your career, you must fulfill a need.

[8:55] Marketing is at the heart of every successful business

  • Know your target market
  • Understand their pain points
  • Pitch your product or service so that it fixes whatever ails your target audience

[13:42] Marketing that is successful is never one-dimensional

  • You need to have the proper branding before you focus on your market
  • Your brand should align with your advertising
  • Marketing should be a part of your copywriting, advertising, and all the other cogs in your business

[17:23] How do you align your marketing with your audience?

  • Your product or service needs to evoke the right emotion
  • You are selling a lifestyle, a vision, not a product
  • Consumers won’t focus on price if the right emotion is targeted 

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