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E291 – Set KPIs that you can measure daily if you want to grow your business through Search Engine Optimization | with AJ Saunders

AJ Saunders, a self-proclaimed SEO geek since 2014 and helps coach e-commerce brands to understand and use SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) to grow their business to 6-figures annually. Having worked on hundreds of business websites across multiple niches and industries, AJ’s one big tip is to set measurable KPIs to gauge the health of any online business. Solid SEO is still the best way to bring customers to your website, because it is low-cost lead gen where you own the farm, as opposed to social media platforms, where frankly, you do not.

Marketers are looking for shortcuts all the time, they want to be easily found, and they want fast sites and great content. Google is trying to counteract some of these parasites using short-term techniques and methods that don’t work long-term. Content should not be written for search engines, but for people. This gave birth to keyword farms and different types of link trees, but it only polluted everything. 

As far as Google is concerned, people are trying to get into the game instead of making it user-friendly. As long as you’re doing good content, improving, and adding value. Have your header set up correctly, tag your images correctly, and have an excellent internal and external link structure, then SEO will work for your business. 

Measuring KPIs on the page level, and on the domain level, and then zooming out to see how things are going in terms of sales, and in terms of leads captured. You have to understand the health of your website. It’s always best to have 2-3 KPIs. It’s not just creating the actual content that goes on the page, it’s creating the map and the call to action, you really should be telling people what to do next, there should be a flow. 

There are a lot of companies that say, sign up here to get my newsletter. People already get thousands of emails a day. Articulate the value they will receive, a good example is in the executive coaches’ world where they’re giving out a lot of great information, or when a company sends out 15% off coupons every once in a while. In both of those cases, the value of what that company or person is giving has already been defined on that same CTA, and you will get some pretty low engagement. 

Selling an organic search engine optimization service is not as transactional as people may think, there’s a lot of groundwork that goes into it. The analysis of how everything is working, changes that will need to be made to make the SEO campaign much more effective, and results, when bringing on a new client, to be able to show them this service works.

Much work might be done in the first 30-60 days, but most of the results will take three to six months. Even if you have the best product in the marketplace and the best marketing, this won’t matter. Sometimes a client can become unhappy, nervous, or impatient with the results in their given timeframe. Having a strategy and tactics in place to take it to step by step by step. The marketplace can take longer to respond. The strategy in place will definitely work, but the timeframe will vary. 

In this episode:

[01:07] SEO is one of the most important aspects to optimize your website

  • Maintaining the effectiveness of your business in this industry
  • Understanding the fundamentals of how an SEO strategy works

[03:14] Marketers are looking for shortcuts all the time

  • Google’s mission from the start
  • The mess behind the scenes when creating an SEO strategy

[05:27] How KPIs help you understand the health of your website

  • Have a good internal link structure, as well as an external link structure
  • Build profitable relationships with customers by creating awareness, driving sales, and building customer loyalty

[06:35] Measuring KPIs on the page level

  • Understand the health of your website
  • Generating leads 

[10:24] Creating the map of a robust social media strategy that blends paid and organic tactics

  • The importance of the call to action 
  • Getting low engagement with the wrong game plan

[14:32] Having a strategy, tactics, and steps to take to drive clients to your website

  • Search Engine Optimization service is not as transactional as people may think
  • Analysis, changes, and results when building a clear road map to crush your revenue goal

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