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E30 – Travis Brown / Creator of Poddecks

Reaching out to new people and building an audience is one of the most challenging parts of any marketing strategy, digital or otherwise. Oftentimes, the fault lies with our inability to create a genuine human connection with those we’re trying to reach. Podcast expert Travis Brown shares his one big tip for putting the customer first every step of the journey in order to grow a business.

Mass Marketing

Building a target audience and generating leads from that audience is often more difficult than we realize when starting out with a business. We spend more time thinking about the numbers and logistics than we do about the actual people we are trying to serve.

The result is we end up using mass marketing techniques, which might get a few leads, but doesn’t ultimately create the ideal situation for building trust with your audience. “It's not helpful,” Travis says, “if you're a podcaster or a business owner or anybody to just spam and mass message people for anything...You're just sending out as many messages as you can hope somebody clicks on the link. And it's not personal at all.”

Making the Connection

The solution, Travis explains, is personalization. Take the time to make each message you send tailored to the person you’re trying to reach. Make the effort to establish a human connection and acknowledge that they are a person to be talked to, not a number to be run through a marketing machine.

Travis actually recommends ditching the text message altogether, and that includes emails and social media messaging. He explains his strategy that he uses for his business, PodDecks, “I use the audio message functionality to connect with people on a deeper level.” he says, “And it actually I use it as a lead generator for my company.”

By sending a personalized audio message to each of his new followers. He’s not selling anything, just wanting to get to know more about what that person is interested in and establishing that connection. “Whether you're selling something,” Travis explains, “or you're growing your brand, or you're just looking to get more followers, it's one of the fastest ways to create actual human to human connections.”

While some may scoff at the idea of spending time on something that doesn’t include an offer, Travis thinks differently. “It's opened up a lot of doors for conversations. And not conversations about sales, just a general interest in people that eventually ends up being a sale,” he says.

PodDecks helps podcasters get started or recover from a slump through unique conversation starters that can get things rolling for your podcast. To learn more about it and even take advantage of his special offer, you can visit him at PodDecks.com or reach out on Instagram.