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E310 – Reach mastery in all areas of your life by practicing mindset and peak performance techniques | with Kerry Fisher

Kerry Fisher is a peak performance coach. She was raising a family and working as an attorney when she established a daily yoga practice. She immediately noticed that yoga was the perfect antidote for her hectic lifestyle. Initially interested in yoga as a physical practice, Kerry soon realized that yoga was a lot more than that. When she graduated at the head of her class and started practicing law, she had five kids and a full-time career and she made the decision that if she did yoga every single day for one year, she would leave law and become a yoga teacher. Kerry took a yoga teacher training and eventually left her law career to teach and coach full-time. 

Kerry also studied anatomy, because what she loved even more than teaching yoga, was teaching peak performance and mindset. She believes in action and created a system that is easy to implement. She now coaches Corporate Clients and Elite Athletes in mindset and peak performance techniques and creates tailored programs for private clients who seek mastery in all areas of their lives. 

Kerry focuses on writing, creating courses, and speaking on the topics she is so passionate about. She inspires and encourages people to create the life that they imagine. The term ‘sacred choices’ come from a program she once attended, which is called Lifebook, where they talk about having 12 sacred choices every day that supports your health and all the areas of your life that you are building. Kerry took this idea and expanded it. She realized that our habits and routines are really what dictates how we do life.

Studying spiritual and personal transformation literature doesn’t mean that you are immune from life’s challenges. Things will happen, but then you should have your non-negotiable secret choices. Breathwork, like box breathing and the three relaxation breaths, could be one of your secret choices. You could choose to do one of these exercises every single time after you eat.

Kerry also wrote a few books about this, to assemble these sacred choices all on your own. Her first book is called Tools for Extraordinary Living in which she describes that five minutes can change your life because you start off with the win. 

Getting up and exercising, stretching, or journaling before you even start your day fuels you. Instead of trying to get rid of your bad habits, you should add good habits to cancel out the bad, filling your cup with greatness. Kerry’s advice is to do one relaxation, stress-relieving exercise in your day somewhere, preferably in the morning. Other people may want to start their first sacred choice at night, 10 minutes before bed, like doing something relaxing instead of in the morning.

Kerry challenges everyone to try out the ‘snooze button session’, where you wake up in the morning as your alarm goes off, and do something that works for you. Something nourishing like breath practice, exercise, or stretching. Write ten things down that you are grateful for, just start your day by doing something significant.

In this episode:

[01:58] Kerry became a yoga teacher & peak performance coach after being an attorney 

  • Having five kids and a law career was overwhelming
  • She studied anatomy and started teaching peak performance and mindset

[04:20] Getting insight on what a 5min tool is and how it can have a profound impact on you

  • One amazing tip comes from the Navy Seals called box breathing
  • Kerry goes through the steps of some breathing exercises

[08:48] Creating sacred choices daily that supports the extraordinary life that you are building

  • Your habits and routines are what dictate how you are doing in your life
  • Maintaining a high state so that you can do all of the things you need to do
  • Kerry teaches a whole bunch of tools and then you decide which ones you want 

[11:52] In Tools for Extraordinary Living, Kerry explains the Snooze button sessions

  • Instead of taking five minutes to snooze, you do something that will nurture you
  • Five minutes can change your life because you start off with the win

[18:22] Looking at different methods that work differently for everyone

  • Start with a morning routine and practice all the different techniques
  • Get one relaxation, stress-relieving exercise into your day somewhere
  • Habit-stacking is something you could do many times throughout the day

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