E321 - Apply the latest SEO strategies and tactics to sustainably get more conversions | with Gert Mellak - Jeff Mendelson | Automation Superhero

E321 – Apply the latest SEO strategies and tactics to sustainably get more conversions | with Gert Mellak

Gert Mellak is the founder of  Search Engine Optimization SEO. He leverages a team of 30 people that helps businesses grow through search engine optimization, He has been in the business for nearly 20 years, which is almost as long as SEO has been around. Gert is also the author of the Erica Framework, your answer to the Toughest SEO Challenges, which outlines the formula for achieving a high SEO return on investment. They’ve generated 10 million plus clicks in organic traffic, thousands of leads, and millions of dollars in sales for 500 or more solar entrepreneurs, coaches, online marketers, and international corporations simply by applying the latest SEO strategies and tactics.

Gert is from Austria. He comes from a technical background, a web developer by trade. He has been doing web programming every single day of his life for more than 15 years.  When you have this technical background, everything that Google does makes sense. It’s all about an individual user and the conversion they achieve, rather than getting huge amounts of useless trafficking, which ultimately causes noise. Google was giving really sage advice back in the day, making it clear to write information so that actual human beings can do it.

Most people in the industry employ all these dirty tricks and try to hide things behind popups, and add tags behind images. Google and other search engines picked this up as cheating and started using algorithms rather than manual checking. Gert and his team created SEO leverage a few years ago as one of the most important pillars below the marketing strategy you should be focusing on in your business. With their software platform and their framework, they found a way to sustainably get people more conversions by understanding the importance to know why they do certain things in a specific way.  His clients need to understand why they must create five to ten articles about a specific topic by changing the content design on each page. 

At a certain point, a certain user needs a certain piece of information presented differently, in order to decently perform URLs to make changes and prove what the data suggests by manipulating the content and the rankings on search engines. When they start out with SEO leverage it’s crucial to be transparent. This led to publishing the book and creating the software around it, and clients sticking by them for years. Doing their own SEO testing as part of SEO Masterminds, where other agencies exchange test results with them. They have reference projects in their own tests where they have seen this working significantly in getting clients. 

In this episode:

[02:20] Gert has been a web developer by trade for more than 15 years.

  • Putting white text on a white background to sneak keywords that Google adopted. 
  • Not getting huge amounts of useless trafficking

[05:38] The best quality content user experience and the entire picture essentially wins.

  •  Finding a way to get people more conversions sustainably.
  •  Staying ethical and a hundred percent transparent.

[09:24] The one constant thing in entrepreneurship is change, embrace it.

  • Artificial intelligence can now be used to write content. 
  • Bringing clarity into an insecure market as an SEO agency. 

[14:28] When people do a non-brand search for your service or products not know you.

  • Tracking is the first and most important thing. 
  • Analyze what’s getting a lot of traffic already.

[17:36] Having SEO as the most important pillar to focus your marketing strategy on.

  • Bring people to a website with remarketing campaigns on Google Ads to a landing page.
  • Expose people to the brand organically when they’re just in research mode.

[21:16] Getting in touch directly with other people working on a project and having a group call.

  • When something goes viral on social media, we would appreciate knowing about it.
  • As soon as there is an indicator, there must be cross-pollination on different platforms.

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