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E332 – Take action toward your goals by constantly asking yourself if you’re a victim or creator | with Meena Kumari

Meena Kumari Adnani is a Self Empowerment and Business Coach for women, an international speaker, and a former lawyer.  She is a qualified solicitor in England and Wales and an attorney in New York. She has held senior executive roles in renowned international public-listed companies in Singapore, London, and Indonesia, and oversees business development, sales, and marketing. Meena’s amazing story about losing all of her wealth in 2016 when her bank account was zero, to hitting her first seven figures in 2 years is beyond inspiring. Since then, she has invested in multiple properties and created a stream of passive income.

Meena now teaches women how to build their self-worth and their net worth because this is the legacy she wants to create – women who are taped to their full potential so that they can be, do, and have what they desire. Meena is the first educated woman in her family and the first self-made millionaire. 

She is passionate about developing a mindset where you realize that you are not a product of your environment, but you can create the environment that you want. For her, the opportunities were not there growing up, which was very clear since she was a child. She knew the difference between being given the opportunity to live the life that she didn’t want versus the life that she wanted and something she had to create.

Meena believes that a lot of people are not conscious of the link between action and consequence many times. Action that leads to the consequence that we do not want. If you want to lose 10 pounds or 30 pounds, but you don’t change your lifestyle, you don’t go to the gym, you eat the same thing you do, you know very well continuing to live and cultivate those habits and taking those actions is not going to lead you to the consequence that you want. Meena’s always been very aware of the fact that whatever actions she takes today are going to be toward the life she will live in the future.

She encourages people to ask this question every single day: “Am I a victim or a creator?” Checking your mindset. When things don’t work in your business and it slows you down to remind yourself. If you continue to believe that circumstances are beyond you, you will continue staying in that victim mentality. Focus on your bigger goals, which means that everything else that comes along the way is just an obstacle that you can overcome versus something that’s just going to prevent you from being able to achieve something that you want. 

Meena always uses different tools when she’s working with people as everyone has a different story. She guides you to make that shift, helps you to develop your ideas, and create a personal brand. It’s not an overnight process. It takes time. Meena focuses on always being mindful, continuously honing in on your craft, being really good at what you do, and realizing your calling.

In this episode:

[02:00] Meena shares her background. 

  • Being Indian, but born and raised in Indonesia, as one of eight kids.
  • Having a pretty traditional family and not being allowed to get an education.

[04:05] Having poor universities around and getting taught in Basa, the language in Indonesia.

  • Meena didn’t want to continue studying where she lived and went overseas.
  • Spreading her wings, learning about other cultures, and experiencing the world.

[08:42] Developing a mindset where you realize that you are not a product of your environment.

  • Addressing the link between action and consequence.
  • Choosing to either become a victim or a creator.

[10:35] Creating the life she wanted, having bigger goals, and focusing on those goals. 

  • Everything that comes in the way is an obstacle to overcome.
  • Arming women with the right tools to get them to flourish.

[14:00] Meena explains how your subconscious body can continue to play the story of your past.

  • Having a lack of self-worth because of abandonment.
  • Getting to close the gap in your mind and your current situation.

[17:13] Working with clients to build a personal brand is not an overnight process.

  • When you start out feeling anxious, you deplete your energy and clients can sense that.
  • What are the things you can do without being attached to the outcome?

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