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E40 – Mark Miller / Owner – Firm Theory

When it comes to marketing, it’s often a matter of simply putting in more effort than the competition. Mark Miller, the founder of Firm Theory, specializes in helping law firms get their message out by being one step ahead of all the others in the digital space. But what most people realize is that this strategy is often easier and cheaper than they originally thought. It’s all a part of Mark’s incredibly helpful One Big Tip.

Video is the Next Step

Marketing is about reaching your target audience with your message, which would be simple if you were the only one offering your product or services. The problem is that there are dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of others that are clamoring for the audience’s attention in the same space.

So the question becomes, how do you stand out in the crowd and draw the attention you need to run your business. Mark’s company works hard to answer this question for law firms looking for more clients. And one of his go-to answers is video. He realized that most law firms aren’t using video to promote their services and helps his clients break into that space.

Because so few firms are using video, the barrier to entry is low. Just a quick session on a smartphone is better than what most are doing, but it’s not that difficult to up your game. “If you're doing that, you're doing better than 99% of all companies out there,” Mark explains, “But adding that extra little bit of professionalism to it really ups the quality of the video.”

That little bit of professionalism is often added using Open Broadcasting Software, or OBS. This free open-source software can run on any of the main operating systems and can help you take your smartphone videos to the next level. With OBS, you can add title cards, transitions, logos, nameplates during editing and even during a live stream. All you need is a camera, a microphone, and a computer.

Tips for Video

Most lawyers aren’t experts in video production, and Mark understands this. That’s why he shares his three main tips for increasing your video quality without increasing your budget:

  • Get light in front of you. Close the blinds or shades and put your light source in front of you so that you are illuminated.
  • Get centered in the frame with your head about one-third of the way down so that your eyes are in the eye-line of the frame.
  • Add your logo, your contact information, phone number, email address, etc. You can do this easily with the help of OBS.

If you want to learn more about using video to promote your business, you can visit his website at firmtheory.com. You can also find video walkthroughs on how to use OBS for your company’s marketing.