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E43 – Murielle Fellous / Founder & Podcaster at Single And Doing It All

As an entrepreneur, it’s not uncommon to wear many, if not all the hats in your business. The work is often hard, long, and thankless, creating a barrier to entry that many don’t see a way over. But there is one job that puts the entrepreneur to shame and that’s motherhood—particularly, being a single mom. Murielle Fellous tells her story of raising kids while wearing all the hats in her household and shares her One Big Tip for positive thinking.

Overcoming the Hurdles

Murielle’s story starts in a place where many others might find themselves right now. She was the single mother of teenagers who were beginning to act out dangerously. As she felt the illusion of control slip through her fingers, she herself began to slip into a depression. When everyone around her told her to see a doctor and take medication, she decided to take a different route.

“My depression is not a chemical imbalance in my brain,” she recounted, “It's situational depression. It comes from what I think it comes from what I tell myself all day long and the emotions that I feel.”

Rather than let her negative emotions drag her down, she took a good long look at her thought patterns. “I started really intervening on my thoughts,” she says. But she wasn’t dwelling on her thoughts, she was changing them. “A thought is just a thought,” she explains, “You don't have to analyze it from every angle.”

The Power of Positive Thinking

Changing one’s thoughts may seem like a simple solution to a complicated problem, but putting it into practice requires daily dedication. This is because you’re not just changing a thought as it comes into your mind, you’re fundamentally changing your mindset to produce better thoughts—you’re targeting your negative thoughts at their source.

It all starts with the story you tell yourself. “Whether you say ‘I can’ or ‘I can't’,” Murielle explains, “you're going to make yourself right.” She goes on to mention the reticular activating system, a part of the brain that brings coherence between your world and the world around you. The more you tell yourself you can do something, the more opportunities you will see around you, and the more people you will see doing that same thing. However, this conversely works when you tell yourself you can’t do something.

If you are a single mom in a similar position that Murielle found herself in years ago, or if you are just looking to harness the power of positive thinking to change your mindset and achieve your goals, you can take advantage of the class or free resources on her website at singlemomsdoingitall.com.