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E48 – Mike Vannelli / Head Video Producer at Envy Creative

Social media sites like Instagram have become integral to promoting your content and generating visits to your website. Envy Creative is a company that produces quality Instagram-worthy videos for you to advertise your business or brand. In today’s topic, Mike Vannelli, the head producer of Envy Creative, shares his One Big Tip about how to create and properly promote your content on Instagram.

Creating the Content

Envy Creative works hard to create custom videos for your brand that are easily post-able and marketable on sites such as Instagram. According to Mike, Envy Creative does “everything from pre-production, production, post-production to delivery. And we've actually done over 2000 videos to date.”

There is a lot involved in creating the perfect Instagram video, and Mike’s company has everything you need for the whole process including a film studio, actors, filming equipment, and a whole creative team. This is beneficial for clients who can commission the video and get advice on how to best make use of that production all in the same place for a competitive price.

How to Market Content Effectively

After the videos are created, Mike and his team then help clients effectively promote their content. He shares that it’s common for companies to pay a lot more than they should be paying for advertising on Instagram.

To make the most of your money, he says you should invest more in Instagram promotions that are often much cheaper. His One Big Tip is all about how to make the most of these Instagram daily promotions.

Mike goes on to explain how simple this whole process really is. “What we learned to do is we actually just set up promotions on our posts to do $1 for one day, which takes two minutes to do. All you do is press ‘promote post’ and set your audience. You can even set it to automatic and Instagram will look through all of your followers and your users that are engaging with likes or comments, and it'll promote it to people that are similar to them.”

He also brings up posting to Instagram stories and mentions that there are features that might limit the marketability of the post in the app, such as too much text in the story and the kind of content that you choose to put out there.

He states that consumers, “like learning organically rather than being sold to,” and remarks that overselling a product can turn some people off when they are looking for more connection to a brand and product. To make posting to stories easier, Mike recommends an app called Storrito that can schedule posts with full features such as customizing text and hashtags.

You can contact Mike Vannelli and the Envy Creative team at their website to learn more about how to use Instagram to promote your content.