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E53 – Cynthia Zhai / Voice Coach, Speaker and Author

Do you find it difficult for your voice to be heard at work or even in casual situations? Cynthia Zhai is here to help change this situation that many experience. As a professional speaker and voice coach from Singapore, Cynthia uses her One Big Tip to train people all over the world not only how to develop a more powerful speaking voice but also how to use it well.

Making Your Voice Heard

Cynthia knows what good speakers sound like, not only from her job as a voice coach but also in her own experience with public speaking at TEDx events. Her aspiration is to “help professionals develop a powerful voice so that whenever they're speaking, be it in meetings, in presentations, they will always be heard, and also be seen as the authority in the room.”

However, there’s a lot that has to happen in this process which is “not just a question of speaking louder or a question of using bigger words,” but is also a change of mindset in how you view yourself and what your voice could be.

For one of her clients, she helped him work on not only speaking techniques but also on changing the way he expressed himself and thought about himself. She remarks that, through transforming his way of speaking, the most notable change she saw in him was that he became happier, which in turn allowed his speech to more powerfully.

Practicing on a Digital Platform

Cynthia’s One Big Tip starts with YouTube and encouraging her clients to use their voice to share their professional expertise. While many feel like they don’t know where to start, her advice is to just start anyway, because they will improve over time.

Because speaking to a computer isn’t the same as speaking with an actual person, Cynthia states that what works for her is to imagine she is speaking to a person, maybe an ideal client, instead of the camera. Once her clients take that step and start putting content out on YouTube, she has further tips for gaining traction.

According to Cynthia, YouTube is the best way to put your ideas out there by speaking, since old videos can easily be searched, and even appear on someone’s feed. She’s found that the videos that stand out the most are the ones that create lists or describe a simple way to solve a problem. Making these types of videos becomes easier when you ask the question, “what’s the challenge that my ideal clients are facing?” With understanding of how to express yourself and create the right videos on YouTube, you will gain the practice and experience necessary to have your voice be heard with confidence.

You can hear all of Cynthia’s tips and tricks by watching her videos on YouTube, which you can find by searching her name or “voice coach Cynthia Zhai.” Start watching today to improve your voice in ways you didn’t think were possible.