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E54 – Sasha Laghonh / Management Consultant at Sasha Talks

Organization is extremely important when it comes to work and professional business. However, according to Sasha Laghonh, there are many who approach their daily organizing in the wrong way. With her One Big Tip, Sasha’s here to give her insights on how to become more productive and experience better performance through every task you need to complete.

Properly Structuring Your Day

As a management strategist, Sasha founded her business Sasha Talks in order to provide management tips as well as consultations and training for her clients’ self-development. In her words, “My mission is to find solutions for my clients’ challenges through consulting, where I provide the solution or through coaching, where I make you aware that you have the tools within you and around you, and how to apply those tools.”

To accomplish this growth, her One Big Tip is to properly plan your daily calendar for managing day-to-day tasks by separating each day into three pieces:

  • One should be for answering emails and some reflection time
  • Another should be for meetings or calls, whether you work in an office or from home
  • And the last piece should be a specific time for wrapping up your day and making sure you have gotten to all of the things you had set aside for that day or week.

This process of blocking out the day enables professionals to draw boundaries between their work and personal life and limit multitasking as they are focused on one type of task in an allotted amount of time. Additionally, Sasha mentions that this method can be personalized to your schedule, whenever you will be most alert and ready to complete tasks.

Multitasking and Productivity

Sasha states that this organization is also to help people become more present and focused both physically and mentally in their daily activities. She has seen and experienced many situations in which professionals don’t get the most out of their interactions and meetings because they’re answering emails or working on some other task at the same time.

This multitasking takes attention away from the tasks and interactions that require undivided time and energy. For professionals who work this way, “they might say, ‘Oh, I'm really busy’, but busy doesn't always mean productive,” Sasha comments.

Instead of being just “busy,” she encourages her clients to manage their time and become more productive by prioritizing the tasks they will need to complete for the day and doing all of them well instead of hardly being able to cross anything off the checklist.

Whether you choose to use apps, a physical planner, or something like Google Calendar, the most important thing is to delegate those tasks into the proper time slot to ensure they are completed. For Sasha, “every day counts, and it ties back to time management,” which is the effective mindset she holds and promotes for all her clients.

To find out more about the work Sasha does, you can visit her website www.sashatalks.com or you can connect with her on LinkedIn by searching Sasha Laghonh or Sasha Talks.