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E62 – Eugene Yiga / Marketing and Creative Consultant

Eugene Yiga has found enormous success as an award-winning travel writer in South Africa. While hard work and dedication have always been part of his formula for success, he also shares his One Big Tip for keeping everything organized.

The Journey to Journalism Success

Eugene Yiga wears many hats in his work, from being a marketing and creative consultant, to working as a travel writer for dozens of websites, magazines, and news companies such as CNN. On top of this, he even hosts a travel podcast.

But Eugene didn’t get to this place in his career overnight; he’s been building himself up over the past ten years. He began as a journalist and as he started to write more about lifestyle and travel, he found and took opportunities to keep putting his work out there.

For him, consistency in his work was key, as well as the actions he took to get published. He advises those who want to pursue different forms of content writing to keep promoting their work and pitching to different companies.

To manage these different roles, Eugene’s One Big Tip is to use checklists for every area of your life, especially if what you do consists of many different roles. This not only keeps your daily life organized but it also creates some mental space for you to focus on completing tasks instead of keeping track of them.

Making Some Head Space

Eugene wants people to start thinking of their brains as “a place to have ideas, not to store them.” For this reason, he speaks highly of using checklists in day-to-day life in order to “outsource your mental capacity to physical space.”

Eugene also gives a few tips about how to create and properly maintain the many checklists you might be creating. He recommends using task management apps to keep everything written down in one place, and also suggests avoiding putting too many things on the list so that you’re not overwhelmed or worried about completing everything you see on the list. Some things don’t need to be written down because they are so obvious, like brushing your teeth, for example.

Having fewer things on the list also means not having to worry about color coding and other ways of organizing that could be unnecessarily using up your time and effort when they could be better spent on other things.

If you are interested in learning more about Eugene’s writing, publications, or his coaching or marketing services, you can visit his website at www.eugeneyiga.com. Additionally, he has created a PDF detailing his process for content writing which can be found for free at www.eugeneyiga.com/onebigtip.