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E63 – Jack Perez / CEO & Founder at Kuel Life

As Jack Perez grew older, she realized that there were not many resources available for women who were approaching their midlife, so she sought to create that space herself and provide a community for these women. With everything that comes with running a website, Jack shares her One Big Tip about how she strategizes and organizes her daily work.

A New Space for Midlife Women

Many things in life continue to change as we get older, and in some ways, life doesn’t get any easier. Jack Perez often tells people that “midlife is as tumultuous as puberty, but without the party.” For her, she found herself struggling at times as she started to navigate this stage of life.

To combat this, she decided to make her own content for women in a similar stage of life. She started off simply writing content for a digital magazine, but over two years, she has recruited her own team of 25 writers who give advice on relatable topics for her viewers on her website Kuel Life.

As the company grew, she wanted to not only provide information, but also a place for women to flourish in this stage of life because, as she states, “the largest percentage of entrepreneurs, coming out into the marketplace right now are women over 50.”

Knowing this, she started an online store for these women to sell items from their own businesses so they could also develop themselves and encourage others professionally. Through careful curation of her content, store, and website, Jack prides herself in building a relational community for this demographic of women who can feel supported and understood.

The Benefits of Batch Processing

With her company Kuel Life (pronounced “cool life”), Jack has a lot to manage and keep up with, which also requires different functions of the brain. Her One Big Tip to being organized and keeping everything on track is to “batch process.”

She describes this process as devoting yourself to one specific kind of task for a set amount of time, instead of jumping around to different responsibilities. For example, Jack mentions that she might put aside some days entirely to doing mindless, but tedious work (such as uploading blog posts) and finish an entire “batch” of that work for the week.

In this way, Jack works with whatever mindset she has for the day, whether it’s the motivation for creative work or for something more basic, and she is able to get a lot done for the time she has allotted. Additionally, she usually works on a task in two-hour increments to stay focused on completing her work while remaining flexible enough to move on to something else if her mindset starts to change. By using batch processing, she says, “it frees my mind up to be able to ponder things strategically,” and also envision the future for her company.

If you would like to learn more about Jack and her women’s midlife community, you can visit her website at www.kuellife.com and can contact Jack by email through the site. You can also find the company on Instagram and Facebook under Kuel Life.