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E64 – Joe Martinez / Director of Client Strategy at Clix Marketing

Marketing is a never-ending game. Luckily, Joe Martinez knows some tips and tricks for creating and promoting PPC advertisements. While many websites and platforms are marketing-friendly, he recommends YouTube above the others because of how you can easily and efficiently create ads for this specific platform with his One Big Tip.

The Appeal of PPC

As a director of Clix Marketing, Joe Martinez’s specialty is with pay-per-click marketing (or PPC). However, Clix is unique in that they only focus on PPC and paid ads instead of a broader range of marketing like other companies and agencies.

Joe’s goal with this type of advertising is to provide awareness about a product by reaching people and also driving and directing traffic to their clients’ pages.

Joe states that “PPC works in terms of researching and building a strategy,” when it comes to marketing. Through this process, he really appreciates being part of the creative strategy when making and producing these PPC ads.

He also enjoys working with a variety of platforms when advertising. As he puts together new ad campaigns, the process poses unique challenges because, as Joe puts it, “not every day is the same and not every client is the same because the strategy is different all the time.”

Building Better Ads

While many sites and social media platforms use ads, Joe routinely pushes for his clients to market on YouTube, where they will be able to earn part of the revenue that Google is collecting, once certain channels continue to grow and become monetized through the platform.

There is a lot that goes into successful advertising and, according to Joe, “if you want to understand the value of YouTube advertising, you want to get that awareness out there.”

With the desire to put out information, Joe’s One Big Tip for building the best ads comes from the new Google YouTube Video Builder. Although still in a beta form, after you fill out the required form information, you can use this platform to easily create image-based ads specifically for YouTube.

As you use this tool, he says that “you need to refresh that creativity,” so that viewers aren’t seeing the same ad every time and getting bored. The Google Video Builder also makes the video process more efficient by saving hours of work and making the video formats easy to edit and send out again.

On top of this, by using the Video Builder, you can save valuable hours of time and explore your creativity by using features such as their available music and template selection to make your ad that much more noticeable and to help it resonate with your target audience.

To learn more about Joe and his marketing business, you can visit www.clixmarketing.com. Additionally, you can access more marketing information on Joe’s YouTube channel Paid Media Pros at www.youtube.com/paidmediapros.