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E7 – Elise Micheals / Mindset Coach

Have you ever seen one of those road signs that says “speed bump ahead”? As an entrepreneur, you’ve probably seen a million of those on the way to starting your business. You slow down. You start thinking about the million little steps it’s going to take you to get over the hump. Then one day, your business is at a standstill, and you have no idea what went wrong.

This week, I am talking with Elise Micheals, a mindset and business coach whose One Big Tip is all about hitting the ground running, speed bumps be damned. But what’s the secret?

“I think the simplest answer in execution is the absence of thinking. When you think too much, you procrastinate from doing and when you're not doing, you're not creating any tangible form that people can connect to you.” It seems like a radical idea, but Elise might be on to something. She believes that the longer you think about the actual idea, the more likely you are to procrastinate to the point of giving up.

“If you say something that you want to go after, the less time that it takes for you to actually do that, the better. So if I say I want to make a video, you don't need to worry about the lighting, the outfit, whatever. You just need to put the video out there and get it out there because the longer you [procrastinate] on it, the less chance you're going to have of doing it.”

So take a tip straight from Elise. Execution is everything because execution is progress. Stop waiting for the pieces to line up or you’re never going to get out the gate. But if you’re struggling to find the right motivation to get started, reach out to Elise on LinkedIn or check out some of her great videos for inspiration.

What will you execute today?