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E79 – Dr. Agustin Rosa | CEO MiCoach and International Speaker

Born in Spain and now working as a professor and international speaker in Mexico, Agustín Rosa has built his career on entrepreneurship from the very beginning. As he has learned and grown from his experiences, he has continued to educate others in the same way by leading conferences, writing three books, and even founding his own summit. Today he has his One Big Tip to share in order to help budding entrepreneurs get their businesses off the ground and get to $5,000 in 45 days.

The 45-Day Plan

As Agustín pursued his international entrepreneurial passions, his career started to take off when he was asked to give a conference about his marketing tactics. Because of this opportunity, he continued on to greater things and ended up traveling across Europe for 15 years for conferences, training, and consultancy events. 

He was also able to write several books covering topics from public speaking to creating a mindset of business growth. This latter book is what fueled the creation of his framework for beginning entrepreneurs to successfully make over $5000 in 45 days. 

To start, he analyzed all the information he had learned and given to clients over the years in order to narrow down his target audience and understand their needs. Once he built up relevant content for coaching and training, he then made a script to sell his services and began to reach out to potential customers and companies for advertisement. 

In the end, he states that following up with each potential client was crucial to completing his goal in such a short amount of time. For Agustin, the most important thing to do is to never stop learning or trying new things. While he says his framework is a method that anyone can use, his advice for those who struggle is to “start again, package your knowledge, and analyze your customers.”

Packaging the Value

There is another side to this process of obtaining a customer base which has to do with the value of packaging your services. While offering free resources such as books or general coaching information is a good hook, the goal is for them to invest in your high-value services.

The key for Agustín is to offer clients information and personal feedback that they would not be able to get from your free resources. If the clients have a good experience with a free service that you are offering, they may be more inclined to become paying customers and purchase a higher value package. 

Agustín believes that the most important business aspect is the bond between the producer and consumer. “In the end,” he says, “we create relationships. And someday, we will receive the product and the benefits of that relationship.” Agustín has created a summit available for anyone to join called the 100xProfits Summit where you will be able to hear from 21 speakers on data strategies and how to bring your business to the next level. This event is December 2-4 and you can find more information about it at 100xProfits.com. Additionally, you can find Agustín on Instagram at agustin.coach and on Facebook as Agustín Rosa.